How has the internet changed sex work?

by immortalbusiness

The Australian government has legalized sex work to protect the rights of individuals within and outside the country. Despite this there are some regions that criminalized prostitution such as Western Australia and South Australia. Stunning escorts in Brisbane were able to provide adult services without much disturbance from the law.

At the same time some states such as Tasmania have a different law when it comes to the profession, and this applies to escorts in Melbourne too. That’s because they permit private sex workers to continue with their services while the street-based sex work as usually slapped with hefty fines and strict laws.

But why would you need to go to the streets yet the internet offers you vast opportunities? There is no discrimination on the platform, plus the new market rails in millions for the state. In a report published in the first quarter of the year 2021, the sex industry was worth $149.6 million. That is shocking but true! Below we’ll discuss how the internet changed sex work. Let’s Jump right in, shall we!

The Online Market

Before we get to the changes we must agree the online market has seen massive growth thanks to the pandemic. This is because most businesses move their products and services online to keep them afloat. One of the businesses which have witnessed massive growth is the sex industry espically for high class Sydney escorts.

As people remained cooked up in their house due to lockdowns and curfews. Many moved to social media to feed their desires. Plus, others saw it as a new way to kill time. Furthermore, sex works found a market to continue with their art while at home. All it takes is being creative purchasing the recent sex toys and participating in various BDSM among others.

The best thing is the internet has even offered you real-time chat, video calls, and live sessions to keep your sessions entertained. Plus, the more erotic your sessions are the high the traffic and revenue.

How The Internet Changed Sex work?

The internet has brought a massive change to the sex industry. Though sex workers used the various adult sites before, there was an increase during the pandemic. Here is how the online platform has changed the industry.

  1. Expansion of sex work market

For any sex worker whether male or female, an expansion of the market means an increase in revenue. From being a regional market to a global market that caters to everyone’s needs and wants. Hence whether you’re straight, gay, or transgender there is a service package toiled to your needs.

Additionally, technology has made it possible for you to operate in the comfort of your home. All you need is a quality camera, LED lights, a camera holder and a stable internet to tap into the vast market. By doing so you can avoid stigmatization from your community members, relatives, and even colleges.

Additionally, technology has made the male escort services popular and accepted by many. Before it was considered a woman’s domain, but the online platforms protect their identities. According to a recent study men make up 5-20% of sex workers, and the percentage is expected to grow in the future. Furthermore, there has been more demand for male escorts, unlike their female counterparts. That proves the stereotypical image many had about prostitution is slowly dying.

  1. More diverse sexual practice

The online platform has also provided you a chance to diversify your sexual practices. Thanks to cell phone and escort sites you can reach your clients from any part of the world. Considering people have fetish needs that haven’t been met yet, the escort services offer them a chance to exploit their bodies.

Thanks to advancements in technology you and your clients have great anonymity and mobility. You can travel to your client’s place, or even communicate with them through mobile phones and websites.

Furthermore, there has been a growth in sexual rendezvous and online dating sites. The growth is what has fueled the online escorting site. And as result sex workers and their clients can maintain privacy and confidentiality.

Some escort sites even don’t advocate uploading client’s pictures or locations as those are done offline. For this reason, people have moved from traditional sexual services to online services. That is because Australian people regard it as a normal business despite there being discrimination in other regions.

3. Regulating sex work in the 21st century

Regulating the sex industry has caused a lot of heated debt. Some states have legalized the practice while others still decriminalize it. A lot of litigations are based on the practice being done in open places, but not online.

According to a recent study 5-10% of sex services are done on the streets. This leaves a whole 90 % which is being done online. The research further stated 90% of male sex works are independent and they perform their services online as well.

That said when the reforms which were believed to reduce violence and discrimination took a different turn. There was an increase in violence against clients and the sex workers. Having received reports of various attacks saw the reforms being an enabling factor rather than protective. Plus, there are cases of police exploiting the loopholes to obtain bribes. That’s not acceptable.

One of the states which heed to these grievances is the New South Wales government. They decriminalized sex work, which saw a drastic change in the industry. There were few attacks, improved working conditions and even sex workers can be tested for STIs and treated without being stigmatized.

Thanks to technology consensual sex exchanges are slowly being adopted and many considers it a profession. This has seen various lives improving as one can cater for their basic needs with ease. Thanks to the revenue they obtain from the escort sites. Unlike before one would end up not being paid due a disagreement between them and the clients.


Online escort has become a major industry thanks to technology. There is no need to go around streets, pubs, clubs, or restaurants just to hook up. All you need is to seek a trusted escort service provided to meet your needs. Reach out to your phone or laptop and subscribe to our services.

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