How Hampta pass is most beneficial to the tourist people?

by Am Dee
How Hampta pass is most beneficial to the tourist people?

Hampta pass is one of the most scenic and enchanting treks in Himachal Pradesh which is fully covered by beautiful meadows of Hampta Valley. It is the most popular and daredevil further stay safe trek in Himachal. In the winter this valley becomes more beautiful and also gives awesome sight and turns into a popular snow trekking and exploit destination. People came in large numbers to experience their activities like snowboarding, skiing; tube rides in snow, igloo stay, snow drive, and snow on. Thus the Sethan guest house is the most popular since this is the only landing place for Igloo’s stay. 

Are Hampta camps are best one?

This is one of the best treks for beginners, it offers unforgettable and impressive event in your life. This trek starts from the Old Manali and will take you to different types of places in the Himalayas. You have to first derive where your trek has to be started in the paper. The first start in the Sethan village after an overnight stay in that place you will leave for Chikka that is a beautiful valley, the next morning. You will be thrilled to walk through the colorful flower bed and which is lying between the Himalayas Mountains. 

How many days thus trek takes place?

It takes 4 days for trucking. 

Day 1: You have a wonderful Hampta Camps site in old Manali which is right next to Beas River. You have to feel free to grasp a wonderful walk in nature and explore the beauty of this place. Enjoy a variety of food options and also purchase something like cool and funky Shirts. Overnight stay under in the lush green forest and joining the unreserved Beas River. You will surely make memories by enjoying good music, times, and good vibes. 

Day2: On the second day morning you will wake up and get freshen then get ready for the trek to the Sethan village. At first, you have your breakfast as you would save your energy for the next two hours. And then you will drive to Prini from where you will start the trek. Surely, you will come across the beautiful forest and breathe fresh air. In winter Sethan fully covers with snow and the views are just awesome. Enjoy the comfortable night in the wooden cottage with the traditional wood fire room heater to keep yourself warm and enjoy dinner in the snow with the awesome views.  

Day 3: On the third day after breakfast, you will leave for the trek to Chika, settle in Hampta Valley. Make sure you have to carry all the essential items because you have to trek in the snow. You must carry your cameras to capture all the natural views by passing through the lush green Kullu Valley. After you have reached and enjoyed the trek and then you have to trek back on the same route. 

Day 4: On the last day, you have to trek back to Manali from Prini. On reaching you can spend the rest of time at your place and then go off from Manali according to your scheduled train or flight otherwise you will stay back for another one day at your hotel or resorts. 

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