How Custom Packaging Can Enhance your Apparel Branding?

by Ken Wilson
custom packaging

Think about what defines your favorite brand? Is it the products, the price, or the custom packaging offered? Most probably it would be the latter!

Why is it so?

It is human nature that we spot unusual and pleasing images far more rapidly than conventional ones. This is why we have seen a major shift in branding over the years. From placing sole emphasis on apparel quality, manufacturers are now putting as much thought into creating exceptional boxes too.

With so many different types of printing methods springing up, it has become more viable for small and new brands to incorporate customized boxes within their branding structure. Let see how custom apparel boxes work to enhance the brand’s perception in the market.

Different forms of apparel boxes

If you thought that the boxes come in the traditional folding box pattern, it is not the case. The boxes can be made out of several material kinds and use a wide range of custom options.

For brands to enjoy the endless positives of customized apparel boxes, it is first mandatory to know the types and choices available.

The convenience of varied materials

  1. The materials range from diverse forms of corrugated stock to cardboard, Kraft, and rigid.
  2. The materials densities are adjustable to the type of apparel item. It makes them suitable for retail as well as shipping.
  3. The boxes come in innovative shapes. Mailer boxes, gable boxes, auto-lock boxes, folding cartons, are among the many options available.
  4. Material variation can support apparel items of all weights and heights.

Even before you start producing the products, it works to have a robust packaging solution in place so the shipping procedures can be handled perfectly.

Variation in costs

The custom produced apparel boxes may seem costly at first but they offer more scope to lower losses due to damaged and torn goods.

Plus, your brand has the ultimate freedom to obtain these boxes in its financial capacity. You don’t have to go all out to get the best apparel packaging. Custom box options make it possible to get all the necessary branding done on the boxes within the set budgets.

Features like colors, graphics, ink quality, print-enhancing elements, and various box-cutting choices make it a feasible task. The materials expenses also depend on how much you use and how you create the apparel boxes. For example, picking mailer boxes to ship smaller apparel items would save on costs as compared to boxing these items in bigger folding cartons.

Moreover, all types of inks and printing styles with varying attached costs pertain to your pocket. When on a tight budget, you can pick monotones instead of color combinations and less pictures, etc.

Showcase true brand values

When it comes to educating more buyers about the business, no marketing tool is more productive than the apparel custom packaging.

Digital ads do work to spread brand awareness but they are not around all the time. Comparatively, the boxes offer portable brand promotions and radiate 24/7 branding while sitting on retail racks.

Passing by customers are quick to notice a well-made apparel box and feel inclined to know more about the brand. Such a form of brand marketing is gathering pace. The boxes offer a comprehensive approach to branding with more companies using them to elucidate customers on the brand values and ethics.

custom packaging

 Customers prefer positive shopping experiences and the boxes help extend this to them. Brands can offer a tangible branding vibe to customers via the boxes. These can be embossed with interactive content, custom physical accessories, layered box structures, and more. Such features enable customers to retain the experience they had with the brand and repeat it on a loop.

Offer a good value for money

Another way the boxes work to present an alluring brand image is by offering a good value proposition. Customers that walk at retail stores select new apparel brands by being convinced of their presentation. The packaging plays a huge role in triggering happy and favorable vibes about the brand.

For example, many brands exude vibrant aura post the pandemic. It helps customers to make a purchase decision then and there when they see the boxes. Impulsive purchases are heavily influenced by how customers receive the apparel boxes. Such forms of sales constitute a large part of total revenues.

In other words, your brand is considered only as good as the boxes you present. Anything above and beyond the products adds value to customers’ shopping. The boxes can be kept for longer and keep reminding buyers of the exceptional shopping feast they had with the brand. Hence, customer loyalty is rapidly fostered by picking alluring illustrations for your apparel boxes.

Select what matters

Customized boxes give improved options to apparel makers to put up what really matters on the boxes.

What are these?

It is important to let buyers know what the brand believes in. It could be anything from the company’s social responsibility, using sustainable packaging, and opting for less wastages. Customers like to see their products made by responsible companies that care for the planet and the community.

Box manufacturers design the boxes to let buyers take time to go through the printed content. This creates a golden window to reach out to more customers using positive brand info. Many brands use their clean production processes to impress customers. This way, the buyers feel they have done their bit in contributing to the environment and sellers benefit through enhanced brand perception along the way.

A combination of possibilities makes apparel custom packaging worth the effort. Your brand can use the boxes for ensuring timely and protected deliveries to anxious customers. And the same platform to spread brand recognition. Variations in box forms make them perfectly appropriate for a host of branding activities. So, plunge in to create a niche brand spot today!


The many faces of customized apparel boxes are appreciated by sellers and buyers alike. Who knows the boxes might land you a favorable review online?!

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