Mobile Crane Or Tower Crane: Which One Is Better?

by brandon jackson
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There are a variety of cranes available to choose from; it is the choice that you make of hiring the crane that changes the impact it has on your business process. The two most popular types of choice that business owners with the lifting requirements make are mobile cranes and tower cranes. Though today there is increased hiring of Mobile Cranes in Melbourne wide.

Both types of cranes have disparate strengths and weaknesses; the only thing that is common is that any Crane Hire Service Melbourne around would provide you with the option to hire both types of cranes.

So, why should you choose mobile cranes over tower cranes?


As the name suggests, the first reason for Mobile Crane’s popularity is its Mobility.

Unlike the tower crane that is fixed at the place where it is installed, the Mobile crane is manoeuvrable. This is highly advantageous when you have different sites where you require the lifting to be done, but in the budget that you have, it seems impossible. You can use the mobile crane consecutively and make the most out of the money you paid for hiring a single mobile crane.

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Compact Size

One of the major differences between the mobile crane and the tower crane is its size. On the one hand, when the tower crane would be noticeable, it is not the case with a mobile crane.

One of the misconceptions the size of the crane matters for a considerable lifting capacity is falsified by the mobile cranes. The mobile crane comes in a compact size but has the capability to lift a considerable amount of load.

If you have a small space where the load needs to be lifted, the mobile crane will do the job—as in such a site, installing the tower crane is quite impossible. Even if one does so, it increases the potential hazards.


Tower cranes require a workforce to set up the crane to make it functional. This is a time-consuming process. On the other hand, mobile cranes require little to no time for set-up. Instead, you can take it to the more favourable spot for effective lifting every time. Even when switching the sites, mobile cranes have good road speed.
The crane hire company would send a trained operator eliminating the possibility to hire an operator or leave the crane in the hands of an amateur worker.


You might have seen the tower crane in colossal construction or industrial sites, and it is what the cranes are for – heavy-duty load lifting. Choosing the tower crane from a small scale lifting job would be nothing but a waste of money.

There are a variety of mobile cranes that you can choose from depending on the load lifting requirements. Mobile crane does it all from domestic load lifting to commercial and industrial.


From saving the cost of setting up to the skilled operator, there furthermore that saves you a lot of costs. You can hire the mobile crane for a day, even for an hour. You can use the mobile crane among many sites consecutively from that single day hire cost. The Crane Service Melbourne wide also offers competitive rates.

Source: Why Hire Mobile Crane Over Tower Crane?

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