Here’s What to do When QuickBooks Couldn’t Connect To Email Server

by Mark Williams
QuickBooks Couldn’t Connect To Email Server

If your QuickBooks couldn’t connect to email server, the following alert message gets displayed on your screen, stating, “Couldn’t connect to email server: We were unable to connect to the email server for your email provider”. In such situations, you get restricted from receiving or sending essential emails related to your business. We suggest, if you are going through the same error, then refer to this article for some efficient ways to debug the issue. You will also understand the reasons that trigger the same.

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Reasons That Provokes the QuickBooks Email Server Connection

Are you troubled by the error, but do not why? Check out the reasons we have listed below-

  1. The configuration in the QuickBooks Web Mail Preferences might be wrong, which incurs such a problem.
  2. Your outdated QuickBooks Desktop can also be one of the causes.

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Steps to Follow When Receiving Email Server Connection Problem in QuickBooks Desktop

If you are unable to figure out how to troubleshoot the issue, then you must go through the debugging processes we have explained further-

SOLUTION 1: Verify and Edit the Web Mail Preferences Settings

  1. Run your QuickBooks Desktop and move to the ‘Edit’ menu.
  2. Under the menu, tap ‘Preferences’ and select ‘Send Forms’.
  3. Now, you require to choose the email id that is currently in use. You will find the option in the ‘My Preferences’ section.
  4. After selecting the email account, hit the ‘Edit’ option.
  5. In the following screen, you are required to enter the server name and port to your email provider settings in the SMTP Server Details field.

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SOLUTION 2: Download and Install Your QuickBooks Update to the Latest Release

  1. Exit all programs and on the Windows ‘Start’ button search for your QB Desktop.
  2. Right-click on its icon to choose the ‘Run as Administrator’ option.
  3. Next, move to the No Company Open screen.
  4. In the existing window, select the ‘Help’ tab and click on the ‘Update QuickBooks Desktop’ option.
  5. Shift to the ‘Options’ tab and tap ‘Mark All’.
  6. Hit ‘Save’ and jump to the ‘Update Now’ tab.
  7. After that, checkmark the ‘Reset Update’ checkbox.
  8. Once the download finishes, tap ‘Get Updates’.
  9. Now, exit and restart your QuickBooks Desktop to install the downloaded updates.
  10. In the end, reboot your computer system.

The blog ends here. We believe you must have acquired all the relevant knowledge related to the ‘QuickBooks Couldn’t Connect to Email Server’ error. In case you still require any further assistance, call us at our Toll-Free 1.800.579.0391 to speak to one of our experts .

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