Here’s How You Can Enhance Hair Growth!

Hair growth depends upon several factors ranging from lifestyle to food eating habits. Excessive use of chemical products damages your hair quality and volume. There are plenty of brands claiming to be the best shampoo for the oily scalp in India promising about hair growth, but it becomes difficult to choose the perfect one among hundreds. There are several myths about natural remedies which result in negative consequences. Vigorous brushing, using a blow dryer or straightening machines and several colour treatments affect your hair leading to hair loss.

How Hair Grows So Fast?

Roots enriched with proteins are present in the bottom of the follicle. The proteins in the roots come from the nutrients present in the blood. The roots make the hair grow. Through the skin of the scalp, the hair pushes up, carrying an oil gland along the way. The glands present make the hair soft and shiny. A person is born with lakhs of follicles on the scalp. However, it dies as you get older. That is why hair gets thinner due to ageing. Hair is known to be the fastest-growing thing in your body, but it takes a long time to grow.

Tips for Maintaining Healthy Hair

People are born with hair as per their DNA. However, exposure to environmental factors makes it dull and rough. It is in our hands to make it healthy and nourishing.

  1. Massage

Years of study and research has shown that massaging the scalp increases the volume of your hair. It increases the stimulation of the blood vessels present under your scalp and the cells. It increases the strength of the hair by making it enriched with essential nutrients. There are generally two ways by which you can massage your scalp-

Essential oil massage – Oils boost the hair shine, lustre, and moisture, washed away due to the use of chemical products. Lemon, peppermint or coconut oils are a great source of vitamins and minerals for hair.

Inversion method– This method is done using fingertips in a circular motion. It is done by flipping the hair upside down.

  • Intake of foods

Hair scalp needs moisture for healthy growth. This can be increased by consuming omega three fatty acids and vitamin c. It prevents hair fall.

  • Stay away from chemical products.

Applying conditioner for extended duration damages the hair properties and ends up making it frizzy. You should not dry your hair often with a dryer; instead, use a microfiber towel.

  • Changing lifestyle habits

Eggs and highly nutritious foods like lentils boost the protein and biotin in your body, which in turn helps in hair growth. It is also seen that zinc deficiency results in hair fall. Therefore, eating foods like seeds, nuts or oysters increase the proportion of zinc.


Many of you suffer from damaged and frizzy hair. By following the right lifestyle habits and food intake, you can gain healthy hair in long hair.  Do not believe in any kind of fake advertisements like best soap for skin in India. Adopt the remedies given by Shahnaz Husain that suits your hair type.

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