Hair Shedding Vs Hair Loss, Understand What You Are Going Through?

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Hair shedding is standard in the regular cycle of life. There is a difference between healthy loss of hair and alarming loss. Sometimes when you go through stress, it affects the shedding of hair. Hair is exposed to different environments and products claiming to be the top hair care products in India that determine a person’s hair loss. It occurs and prevents the hair from growing back. A different range of factors like metabolic activity or permanent diseases leads to hair loss.

Hair shedding

Shedding of hair is a naturally occurring event which you experience every day, and this process in the medical term is known as telogen effluvium. An average person sheds 50-100 hair every day on an average, which accounts for almost 1% out of the entire strand of hair present. It entirely depends upon the thickness and quality of an individual.

Hair loss

On the other hand, hair loss is the medical term known as anagen effluvium and is often seen as losing significant strands of hair out of the average rate. Whether male or female, a person can become bald if she or he loses so much hair abnormally.

Different factors of hair shedding

When you are trying to lose weight in a short period, it affects your body’s nutrition intake. The deficiency of certain minerals and vitamins leads to the shedding of hair. Also, when a person undergoes surgery, hair shedding is normal that case as it impacts the body’s normal cycle, including the hair.

After giving birth to a child, the mother goes through several psychological and emotional stress factors at the same time. The body undergoes changes, which occurs at a fast rate due to hormonal changes. This leads to the shedding of a hair and the stage known as postpartum hair fall.

If a hair is being treated very often with chemical products and bleaches, then the hair quality degrades and leads to hair fall. It makes the hair dry, and the elasticity loses. The high amount of chemicals like peroxide and ammonia damages the hair and leads to frizziness. It may also cause inflammation on the surface of the scalp.

Due to the seasonal changes, people also experience shedding of hair, especially during the monsoon, where the telogen phase reduces.

Factors of hair loss

Hair loss can also come through heredity. If the hair follicles shrink due to the genes, then a man or woman will experience baldness very soon in life. It usually comes from the family. If there is no particular visible reason for hair loss, then it should be hereditary.

Often hair loss is also characterized by an improper immune system. Hormones in the body determine the growth of the hair. If there is a disorder in the immune system due to overreaction known as alopecia areata, then the hair roots become weak and lead to hair loss.

Accumulation of fungus and bacteria on the surface of the scalp also leads to hair loss, known as seborrheic dermatitis. It damages the hair roots and follicles.


Both hair shedding and hair loss are different according to symptoms and causes. You need to understand the proper cause and take preventive measures to control it. Avoid using too many chemical products and hairstyling heat products. Try to focus on the best shampoo for hair, a healthy diet and a good metabolism process. Keep your lifestyle happy and stress-free.

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