Hair Replacement In Lahore

Hair replacement in Lahore system is the non-surgical hair loss solution option. Hair replacements are safe alternatives to hair transplants, micro-grafts surgical hair restoration, or chemicals medications.

Some hair replacements are permanent for several weeks with the use of medical adhesives, bonding, or integration. In a non-permanent attachment, special tapes are used and need to be replaced every few days

Bonding, also called fusion, is the use of medical adhesives to attach the added new hair around the perimeters to the balding or thinning areas of the scalp. Reapplication of the process is done between four to six weeks, as often as getting haircuts.

Hair weaves are braided hair into the existing hair and ‘sewing’ the added hair replacement to the braids. Avoid hair weaving since the tight braiding used in this procedure pulls the hair and causes hair follicular inflammation and more hair loss.

In hair integration, strings of several hairs are glued to existing hair. Hair integration is also used as a special hair replacement made with large openings for pulling the client’s own hair through for added fullness. This is used for people whose hair is thinning evenly all around and not with large bald areas.

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LSR –Technology:

LSR is a new advanced technology called the Live Skin Replica, which is a thin membrane that is undetectable to the human touch and it feels completely like human skin. It means that co-polymer technology has been introduced within the Hairzone Non-Surgical hair replacement systems. LSR Hair units have a thin base that is completely natural-looking and it adheres to your scalp without having any bumps or ridges. This gives Guest posting sites the customer new confidence in himself and the customer can wear this hair unit without worrying that someone will see it or it will come off with water.LSR systems are completely natural-looking and no one can identify if you are wearing a hair unit or not.

HI-GEN Worldwide Celebrity Series:

If you are looking for a natural-looking front appearance for your hair systems, then the Hi-Gen Celebrity series is the one for you. Hi-Gen Worldwide Celebrity Series hair system comprises of a Lace Front in their base that features a high definition of hairline having bleached knots. Hairzone Hi-Gen hair systems are lighter in the front and thicker towards the back area with its base which gives a natural looking density to your hairs.

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