Free vs Paid Online Data Backup Services

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Having the ability to save your files from being completely erased is a great way to give a Data Backup Services Suffolk County user peace of mind. With the increase in demand for offsite storage facilities, there are more companies sprouting that promise they can keep your files safe and secure. Some companies offer this service for a price whereas others tell you that you can have it for free but there are some significant differences that you should take into account.

Average Pricing

Of course free online backup services do not make you pay for their services but the paid-for services can prove to run a hefty bill. Some paid-for online backup services can start at as little as $5.00/month but you will be missing many features whereas the higher end of backup services can reach totals as high as several hundred, or in corporate settings, thousands of dollars a month.

Online Storage Space

If you decide to go with a free online backup service you should be prepared to be paying with GB’s of space. With most free services you can obtain a maximum of 2 GB or maybe 5 GB if you do in-depth research. With paid-for services you can receive a minimum of 10 GB and some companies actually offer unlimited storage plans which means that there is no cap on the amount of files or data that you want to store.

Feature Selection

Since free online backup companies aren’t making a profit from offering their services, you can expect that their selection of features will be significantly less than those available with paid-for services. When you are deciding whether to go with the free solution or the paid-for solution, you should compare the top two companies to see what you could potentially be missing out on or what services you’d rather not have.

Customer Support

This is one of the more important aspects of free Information Security Consulting Suffolk. When you use technology, there is a high chance that you may need assistance at one point or another to either have certain parts of the plan explained or if there is a malfunction, to have someone to speak with

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