Four Remarkable Women of Islam with Prophet’s Viewpoint

by Sitara Gull
Four Remarkable Women of Islam with Prophet’s Viewpoint

If you think that Islam is an anti-women conservative, then you are utterly mistaken. I am dead sure that if you start peeping into the fabulous feminine place in Islam you would stop irritating them with the false irritating ideologies.

After perusing it you would get to know how the great Muslim Women stood by their male counter parts in every thick and thin. To fend off your unjust misbeliefs just listen to the enlightening words of the Holy Prophet’s last sermon emulated by Haram’s prayer leader (Imam) after your Hajj completion.

I would like to suggest fulfilling your mandatory religious responsibility with your piteous fair sex to get multiplied rewards of Allah (SWT). Seek an authentic Hajj guidance from your Muslim cognizant tour guides who offer you affordable or cheap Hajj Packages for you and your family.

Horrific Female Place in Pre-Islamic Arabia

The matchless Islamic history would unfold the gruesome anti women attitudes of apostate (Non-Muslim) Arab world before the advent of Islam. It shows how the cruel Arabs used to call females as burdens pressure or ill omen. They didn’t even hesitate to bury their baby daughters alive right after the birth.

Reverent Women Place in Islam

The enlightening women loving Islamic history would leave the liberal cat callers stunned with the incredible place of women in Islam. They would get to know the appreciable Islamic ways of women empowerment with utmost respect and care.

But Islam has gracefully replaced the agonizing chains of female oppression with an utmost dignity, respect, love and care.

For further enlightenment, I strongly suggest you to go through the merciful teachings Holy Prophet (SAW) to get the truthful picture of female status in society.

Islamic Judgment without Gender Discrimination

In Islam the key to an ultimate success for everyone is to live according to the guidance of Allah ( SWT). He ( SWT) has not established any distinction between men and women in matters of faith.

 According to Allah ( SWT) every man and woman with virtuous deeds would enter into his Jannah without any discrimination.

There is no unjust gender discrimination in this splendid religion of equality and dignity.

The Holy Prophet’s (SAW) Views on Women

An incredible treatment of the Holy Prophet (SAW) to his wives and daughters is not unknown before the mankind. He (SAW) is the only one who called a mother a “Key to Paradise” and called her a reverential creation of Allah (SWT) on this entire earth.

The Holy Prophet (SAW) was very proud for being the father of the loving piteous daughters. He (SAW) has always directed the men to come up with all the legitimate needs and desires of their women counterparts.

 Besides being careful about the females, the Holy Prophet (SAW) never shied away to unfold the appreciable roles of audacious God loving ladies of Allah ( SWT).

The Best Four Muslim Daughters in Holy Prophet (SAW)’s Eyes

So I would unfold the blessed names of some remarkable daughters discussed by the Holy Prophet ( SAW).  So according to him

The best women of humankind are four: Mariam, daughter of Imran, Assiya, the wife of Pharaoh, Khadija, daughter of Khuwailid, and Fatima the daughter of the Messenger of God” ( Sahih Bukhari)

Maryam Ibne Imran (A.S)

She is commemorated as Virgin Marry and mother of Christ (Essa A.S) in Christianity. The Holy Quran calls her as Maryam Ibne Imran (A.S).  She holds a highly exalted place in Islam as well.  The whole Quranic “Surah Maryam” is dedicated to her glory.

She is an emblem of purity, piety and perseverance.

Open the Holy Quran to learn the lessons of hope and positivity for our women in particular.

Assiya, Wife of Pharoah

If you want to strengthen your blindfolded faith on Allah ( SWT), learn the truest story of lady Assiya and Mosses ( Prophet Musa).  You would get to know that she was a super audacious lady who remained uninterrupted amidst the painful circumstances.

Her Imaan (staunch faith in Allah) never ever faltered even in agonizing extremities. It’s so awe-inspiring to know the way she saved the Prophet Moses (Musa) from the grueling grip of her cruel husband Pharoah known as the greatest tyrant of all times.

Through her audacious personality the men and women must learn the significance of steadfastness and perseverance before the gruesome circumstances.

Khadija Binte Khuwalid

She is the first beloved wife of the Holy Prophet ( SAW) and the first lady to enter into the circle of Islam. She was 15 years older than the Holy Prophet ( SAW) at the time of their marriage. She is the one who is much enough to turn over the conservative image of Islam in terms of women.

It is very interesting to know that in the conservative Arab society, she is first one who sent the marriage proposal to the Holy Prophet ( SAW) which He (SAW) happily accepted.

Fatimah Binte Mohammad (SAW)

No Muslim can remain oblivious of the respectable place of Fatimah Binte Mohammad ( SAW). She is the most loving daughter of the Holy Prophet ( SAW). She (R.A) was the one who married to the Holy Prophet’s cousin Ali (R.A). She ( R.A) is a role model for every Muslim housewife.

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