Five things You Should about Medical Marijuana Edibles

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My Florida Green has compassionate and experienced Medical Marijuana consultants that are helping new patients with their Marijuana recommendations. You can start with a free eligibility check on their website and reach out to their experts who can help you to navigate your Marijuana journey.

Medical Marijuana edibles are a perfect option for people who want to use Marijuana but do not want to smoke. Since Marijuana is legal in Florida, many patients who are eligible and have a Medical Marijuana Card Naples are now taking Marijuana for medicinal use. There are myriad different Marijuana products available today from a licensed marijuana dispensary.

You must get a Marijuana recommendation from a licensed Marijuana physician before consuming Marijuana edibles for your condition. My Florida Green is the most trusted Marijuana service provider, and many in Sarasota, Melbourne, St. Petersburg, and Naples are seeking their assistance in getting a Medical Marijuana Card.

Medical Marijuana edibles are different from other Marijuana products in the way they affect the body.

Five things you want to know to use Medical Marijuana Edible for your Medical Condition

Medical Marijuana Edible does not Require Smoking

Many are hesitant to use Medical Marijuana because they do not want to smoke. Also, some patients may have compromised lung functioning; Marijuana edibles are perfect for them as consuming edibles doesn’t damage the lungs. It is easy to make these edibles at home, and they can be taken discreetly.

Edibles are not for everyone with a Medical Marijuana Card

Smoking Marijuana and ingesting it have very different effects on your body. Before trying edibles, you should talk to your doctor and see if you should take edibles for your condition. Compared to smoking marijuana, it takes a lot more time for the full effects of Marijuana in edibles to take effect. When smoking or vaporizing Marijuana, it takes up to 30 minutes for you to feel the effects, but when ingesting Marijuana, it can take up to 90 minutes, and their peak is 2-3 hours after consumption. But after smoking Marijuana, you can only feel the effects for 3-4 hours; on the other hand, after ingesting edibles, the Marijuana is still in effect after 12 hours.

Everyone with a Medical Marijuana card should not take Medical Marijuana edibles without consulting a qualified Marijuana physician. The physician will evaluate your condition to see if you are eligible to consume edibles for your condition.

Medical Marijuana edibles are better suited for patients who want to suppress their debilitating symptoms for longer, such as people with chronic pain. Also, some patients will prefer not smoking Marijuana because ingesting it allows you to take your medication more discreetly.

Using Edibles Could be Safer than Smoking Marijuana

Some researchers state that the smoke from Marijuana can have the same impact on someone as cigarette smoke. However, this is not a fact. Some people mix marijuana with tobacco, so smoking Marijuana will cause toxins like hydrogen cyanide and ammonia to damage your health and increase the risk of illnesses. In contrast, using edibles is the safer and better option for people with compromised lung functions. So, if you are concerned about the potential risks that come from smoking marijuana, and if you have a valid Florida Marijuana card, you can switch to taking edibles.

Medical Marijuana

Consume the Right Marijuana Edible with the Right Dosage to Avoid Unwanted Effects

When buying your product, always look carefully at the label, and always buy the edible in the same potency and combination as recommended by your Marijuana physician. The labels should clearly state the amount of THC it contains to know how much Marijuana you are consuming. This is the most significant advantage of Marijuana edibles; you know how much Marijuana is going inside your body so that you can manage the dosage and your treatment appropriately.

Always Start with Low Doses

It is crucial to start your marijuana medications with a low dose. It is good to purchase a Marijuana edible product that comes in a specific dose, a dose that a Marijuana physician recommends. For example, take 5mg gummies instead of buying a big chocolate bar and separating it yourself into 5 mg bits. Always ensure to take the correct dose and not overuse the edible. Only once you have tried a small dose of edibles and understand its effect on your body can you move to a slightly higher dose if required.

The Side Effects of Taking Edibles

When it comes to unwanted effects, edibles cause more than other Marijuana products because their effect stays for much longer, so the doses need to be carefully monitored. Some side effects include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Panic attacks and anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Impaired motor ability
  • Hallucinations
  • Agitation
  • Confusion
  • Psychoactive episodes

It is a known fact that Marijuana edibles take much longer to show their effects; people can consume them in larger amounts than required, which can lead to many unwanted side effects and makes overdosing a possibility also. However, research is required to establish this; edibles must be taken very carefully. You should always consult a Marijuana physician before taking edibles as part of your treatment. My Florida Green can help you schedule an appointment with a licensed Marijuana physician, who can review your condition before giving you a recommendation.

How can you Safely use Medical Marijuana Edible?

You must seek the assistance of experienced Medical Marijuana experts at My Florida Green before taking Marijuana edibles for your medical condition. You should start with an eligibility check on their website to see if you qualify for using Marijuana for medicinal use. Once you are eligible, the experts at My Florida Green will assist you at every step of your Marijuana journey. When you have qualified for a Medical Marijuana Card in Saint Petersburg, you can purchase Marijuana edibles from licensed Marijuana dispensaries.

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