Five Pro Tips For Tyre Maintenance

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Performance and safety are very crucial factors that people consider when buying a vehicle. Apart from other basic features, tyres also play a vital role in a vehicle’s overall performance. Tyres are in constant contact with the surface, and they provide grip and traction throughout the journey. 

However, the polymer compounds used to build a tyre fade away over time leading to a decline in performance. This poses severe safety threats to the passengers. If you provide proper care and attention to the tyres, your tyres will last longer and also ensure optimum performance. Additionally, your well-maintained tyres will also bring down your long-run replacement costs. Here are five pro tips for effective tyre maintenance. 

Ensure That Your Vehicle Is Serviced Routinely

All the vehicle components work in tandem with each other to produce maximum output. Similarly, a tyre’s performance depends greatly on the engine and the brakes. Therefore, ensure that you take your car for service and maintenance in due time. A well-maintained vehicle is a prerequisite for optimum tyre performance. 

When brakes are properly lubricated, they generate less friction upon coming in contact with the tyres. This ensures less wear and tear, and the Goodyear Tyres Rotherham last longer. Similarly, if the engine has sufficient engine oil, it will provide enough power for proper grip and traction. 

Ensure Optimum Tyre Pressure

Tyre pressure plays a vital role in overall performance and safety. Low tyre pressure can lead to slow punctures, which can adversely affect handling and fuel economy. Similarly, higher than recommended pressure can exert enormous pressure on the inner linings. This can lead to tyre bursts at high speed, which is a huge safety concern. 

Therefore, always maintain the recommended tyre pressure. Optimum pressure details are usually given on the driver’s door. Additionally, you can also find the pressure details in the owner’s manual. 

Carry a mechanical pressure gauge with you at all times to map the air pressure. Simply screw in the device to the air tube and mark the readings. Also, do not rely solely on the pressure monitoring system because it activates only when the pressure is critically low. 

Take Your Tyres For Rotation

Tyre rotation is the process in which every tyre’s position is switched after the vehicle has covered some set kilometres. Usually, the front end tyres suffer greater damage because they experience maximum resistive force. 

Also, there is always some weight load on the front tyres, which causes greater wear and tear. Hence, tyre rotation ensures that no single tyre suffers greater damage than others. Uneven damage patterns can cause handling issues and corner steering problems. 

Experts recommend that you take your tyres for rotation every 5000 miles. Also, if your boot space allows, try getting an identical spare tyre, which can participate in the rotation process. This will minimize the damage even more, and you will get longer lasting tyres. 

Drive Carefully On Poor Surfaces

One of the primary reasons for early tyre damage is reckless driving on poor roads. The potholes, patches and debris present on damaged tracks are bad for tyre sidewalls.

These bulges are a huge safety threat because they cause tyre bursts when they come in contact with the road. Similarly, patches and debris are responsible for sidewall cracks. 

These cracks weaken the sidewall and lead to slow punctures. Therefore, if you come across a poor road, just slow down your vehicle and tread carefully. These minor driving adjustments will work as blessings for your Buy Tyres Rotherham.

Take Your Vehicle For Wheel Alignment And Balancing

Wheel alignment and balancing are routine tyre maintenance processes. Alignment refers to the adjustment of wheelbase and axles to bring it to the stock position. Usually, after the vehicle has travelled some distance the wheels start moving sideways, which leads to toe wear in tyres.

Similarly, balancing refers to the weight adjustment in wheels to balance the car frame weight. Balancing reduces the frictional force experienced by tyres, which makes them last longer.

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