Everything you need to know about Air Duct Cleaning

by james jones

What is an Air duct?

An Air duct network is a passage spread through the length and breadth of your house, the purpose of which is to allow the flow of the hot or cool air in and out of your house, through vents. Vents and air ducts together are referred to as HVAC- heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Concerning air duct cleaning, the term may also encompass refrigerators, grills, or even furnaces.

Why does one need Air duct cleaning?

Now that we have established what the purpose of air ducts is, it can be easily identified why it is so important to clean them. 

Safe air. Hygienic environment. 

Let’s look into the reasons in detail-

  • Specialists like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) highlight that the air inside our homes can be 2-5 times more polluted than the air outside. The reason is simple- air inside is trapped, blocked, or regularly crosses through dirty pathways. Therefore, its natural cleaning is restricted. On the other hand, the air in the open is unregulated and self-purify at a much better rate
  • Since ducts are nothing but pathways, they could over time have a pest/mold issue- which could lead to foul smell, and a potential risk of infection.
  • Of course, bad air circulation could cause breathing issues and other respiratory troubles for the family. Family with infants and children should be more careful 
  • Improved and longer performance of the heating and cooling systems
  • In case one has a fuel-burning furnace, fireplace, or stove, there could be carbon monoxide consolidation in the ducts 

Thus, regular cleaning of air ducts is essential.

How often would you need to go for air duct cleaning?

There should be an optimal duration post which one should go for the cleaning, but there could be a few more instances as well where cleaning of air ducts becomes essential. The list below covers them-

  • National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends air duct cleaning every 3-5 years.
  • Also, if you move to a new resident, it would be better to clean the air ducts, especially if the cleaning has been delayed beyond what NADCA recommends, or the previous owner of the resident was a smoker or a pet owner
  • The mold situation- if you smell funny or bad through the vents, be cautious, it could be an indication of the presence of mold. Mold grows in damp, humid, and scanty places like air ducts. They could cause itchiness and/or coughing
  • If you are living in a locality that experiences excess dust, you might need to clean your air passageways to ensure proper and clean airflow. Even overtime buildup of debris can appear as dust, all the more reason to not ignore dust in the HVAC  
  • If some vermin or any other pest has made your air ducts their home, air duct cleaning is the best way to tackle the issue. Maybe the only one in many scenarios
  • If your air conditioning or cooling systems are not performing optimally, or you feel too suffocated as soon as you enter the house, you know that the ducts need some cleaning
  • Before the heating season, if you have a burning furnace, fireplace, or stove, go for air duct cleaning to avoid potential carbon monoxide poisoning

Now, can one clean air ducts by themselves?

The answer is- yes, provided you have the professional equipment, and fundamental expertise.

The lack of appropriate tools and methods would only produce sub-standard results. With marginally improved performance of your HVAC system, you may feel clean, but it’s short-term and still dangerous.  

Professionals, like us-Miller’s Heating, use the best-in-class vacuum collection units to clean air ducts. The unit creates a negative air pressure sucking out dust, dirt and debris, and even any pest (, if present) into the collection unit. We provide certified technicians at Miller’s Heating who are friendly in knowledge sharing and professional in the method. Not only would you find the job more than satisfactory, but also be pleased with the entire process. We would love to be at your service. Log on to http://millersheating.com/ to call us anytime.

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