Effective Solutions to Rectify QuickBooks Error 404

by Mark Williams
QuickBooks Error 404

Over the years, QuickBooks has proven its importance among businesses. It is an application that offers a variety of accounting solutions to its users. Even though it offers a hassle-free experience to the customers, several issues can come up at the same time. One such error is QuickBooks error 404 that stops you from operating QuickBooks and its features. It can also arise if you try to access the services that you have not subscribed to. To know the causes and the solutions for the issue, refer to this article and read it till the end.

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Why does Error Code 404 in QuickBooks Arises?

Are you unable to find out the exact cause for the error? The problem primarily arises due to the following reasons-

  • Your internet connection might be slow or unstable.
  • There are some registry issues with the Windows desktop.
  • A virus might have infected some of the essential files in Windows or QuickBooks or even both.
  • The installation files of QuickBooks have been missing or deleted.

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Methods to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Desktop Error 404

The solutions given below will resolve the problem completely-

SOLUTION 1: Access your QuickBooks Online via Private Browser

Google Chrome is a widely used browser. To go to incognito mode, press the following keys- Ctrl + Shift + N.

As an alternate option,

  • Go to your web browser and select ‘Customize and control Google Chrome’ that is located on the top right. (The icon appears as three vertical dots).
  • After you tap on it, ‘New Incognito Window’ option will appear.
  • Now, hit the New Incognito Window option. A new private window will be displayed.
  • Finally, run your QuickBooks account.

SOLUTION 2: Update your Web Browser

  • Go to your desktop and open Google Chrome
  • At the extreme top right, ‘More’ option appears; select it.
  • Now, hit the ‘Update Google Chrome’ option.
  • At last, choose ‘Re-launch Chrome’.

SOLUTION 3: Clear Cache and Cookies from the browser

  • Open Google Chrome on your Windows desktop.
  • Tap on ‘More’. The option is available on the right side of the screen at the top.
  • Click ‘More Tools’ and then ‘Clear browsing data’.
  • The ‘Time Range’ option will also be displayed where you require to tap on ‘All time’.
  • Now, checkmark the ‘Cookies and other site data’ checkbox and ‘Cached Images and Files’ checkbox.
  • Finally, hit the ‘Clear Data’ option.

As QuickBooks error 404 is a usual error that triggers in QuickBooks, you must be able to eliminate the problem using these solutions. In most cases, the troubleshooting methods have been proven effective by the regular users of QuickBooks. However, due to other technical glitches, you might not be able to resolve the problem. If such a situation arises, we recommend you connect with one of our experienced professionals through our Toll-Free 1.800.579.0391.

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