Does Custom Compression Clothing Really Work?

by Rose Venne
Does Custom Compression Clothing Really Work?

As the world moves towards an advanced lifestyle, people have become more conscious about what they are eating. We are more concerned than ever about what impact a specific food will have on our health. But do we do justice with what we are wearing? We rarely give thought to the health benefits and disadvantages of our clothes. And our primary concern regarding apparel is that it must be trendy and look good on us.

Let’s change the perspective and clearly understand a category of apparel and its impact on our health.

Yes, in this article, we will shed light on the importance of compression clothing.

What is Compression Clothing?

Compression clothing includes everything from shirts to pants, shorts, and sleeves to socks. They are made from stretchy material and are super tight to support the heavy muscles during and after physical activity. The stitching and material of these clothes is specially designed to increase blood flow to the vital forces, which helps in better performance.

Though there may not be any scientific evidence regarding the performance of compression clothing, many studies conclude that people find these gear very helpful and practical.

A study was conducted in 2012 to find the effect on the recovery and running of athletes. Some athletes were given compression clothing, and others were given placebo gear. The results revealed that compression clothing compared to placebo gear had better effects on regaining better jumping ability and post-game recovery.

Now, let’s dive into the said benefits of compression clothing.

Benefits of Custom Compression Clothing

Custom compression wear may help in:

Speeding up Recovery

Exercise has enormous health and body shape advantages, but no gain comes easy. To get in shape and maintain a fitness regime, you have to suffer a great deal of fatigue, cramps, muscle soreness, etc.

While you have to acknowledge all the pain, you can take small measures to reduce it. Custom compression clothing is a practical way of controlling athlete injuries and boosting recovery after a strenuous workout. There is no rocket science in how compression clothing does that; it is simple. It increases the flow of oxygenated blood towards the working muscles, giving relief. And the tightness keeps the swelling in control.

Improve Mobility and Flexibility

Though custom compression clothing is super tight, it’s stretchy. The stretchy material provides enough space to the wearer to perform all kinds of exercises, including bending, stretching, lifting, running, etc.

Sometimes people feel uncomfortable in tight clothes and choose alternatives like trousers and jeans for the workout, but that is a bad call. Without the suitable material, it is impossible to perform complex tasks, and also the chances of cramps and muscle fatigue increase.

Boost Athlete’s Confidence

Compression garments are known to have psychological effects on the wearer. They enhance self-confidence and improve athletes’ perception. The tightness and stretchiness make them feel safe and less prone to fatigue and injuries.

Also, custom compression wear is trendy and gives a perfect shape to the body of the athlete or gym-goer, which makes them look good, hence boosting their confidence.

They are Comfortable

There is an impression regarding custom compression wear that is tight and restrictive, therefore uncomfortable. However, that is not the case with good-quality clothing made of nylon and polyester. No matter how tight it is, compression gear is breathable and allows air to pass through it, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable.

The sweat-wicking property of compression wear does not work by repelling the liquids. Instead, they push up the fluids and help them evaporate faster than regular clothes.

Keeps you Upright

Are you worried about challenging postures?

With compression clothing, there is nothing to be concerned about. The tightness of these clothes provides immense support by constantly stimulating senses and enhancing awareness. Another reason for the license is continuous pressure which lifts the muscles and prevents a lot of strain.

Who Can Wear Custom Compression Wear?

While it is known as the gear for athletes and gym-goers, compression clothing is suitable for everyone. Whether you are active or have a sessile lifestyle, or travel a lot, compression clothing is helpful in all situations. Doctors recommend wearing compression shirts and pants when you are in the recovery phase after injury, and it speeds up recovery and enhances the circulation of blood simultaneously.

The Final Say

Some people also ask if there is any specific time limit to wear compression wear. There is not. You can wear these clothes anytime and as long as you wish. Some people feel very comfortable in compression gear and keep them on, while others like wearing loose clothes instead.

Finally, avoid wearing compression gear if you have any specific medical conditions under which doctors have prescribed you not to wear compression gear. Otherwise, these performance clothing are best for your workout regime.

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