Do I need a Medical Expense Insurance?

by Floreena Thomas

Many people feel that if they never get sick, they exercise, they lead a healthy life, and they have no history of serious illness; they do not need major medical insurance. This is a serious error. We never know what fate may bring us, be it a serious illness or an accident that could threaten our life and the safety of our family. For this reason, at Make Sure Mexico we explain what Medical Expense Insurance is and how it works

Major medical expenses insurance covers necessary hospital expenses, in the event of an accident or serious illness. This type of insurance does not include illnesses such as intestinal infections or a simple cough, as these are considered minor medical expenses. Major medical insurance offers two types of coverage:

Basic coverage:

This is responsible for covering hospital expenses, medical fees, necessary therapies, orthopedic devices, nursing fees, and basic dental care.

Additional coverages:

These are “extra” coverages that you can add to your plan for specific situations. One of the best known is; “0 deductible due to accident”, this means that in the event of an accident you will no longer have to pay for a deductible. Or the Emergency Abroad, catastrophic illnesses, among others.

we are interested in you knowing the differences between minor medical expenses and major medical expenses, that is why we will talk about some of them below.

In major medical expenses, the one who directs the expense is the insured, that is, who contracts the policy decides the hospitals, doctors, and laboratories with which they want to count, although there is generally a network with which the insurer has an agreement. In medical insurance for minor expenses, the one who directs the expense is the insurer, it is this who provides alternatives within its network so that they can provide the service, in this case, there is a more closed group of alternatives. For obvious reasons, in large cities such as CDMX, Guadalajara, and Monterrey, for example, there is great coverage of providers. But this does not mean that in other cities or there is service. Except that perhaps your network of services is not so sufficient. So we recommend consulting it.

Differences between Minor Medical Expenses and Major Medical Expenses

The Minor Medical Expense plans are basically preventive and more focused on maintaining health. And the major medical expenses are of the corrective type. It should even be borne in mind that laws currently restrict major medical expenses insurance from covering the costs of preventive medicine. But knowing how to use both can be a support in case of accidents.

The most important thing is to analyze the advantages offered by each of the insurers in the face of risks. There are people who make great profits with a minor medical insurance policy, especially when they have the experience of using it. For example, it can be very valuable for people who require frequent consultations such as pregnant women, or those who have children or the elderly who require a lot of medical attention, so the price paid for this policy will undoubtedly be compensated with all the services that it offers us. for the prevention of damage or risks.

Minor Medical Expense insurance is usually much cheaper than the Elderly and more so if it is for adults over 30 years of age, for example. The truth is that to acquire medical insurance it is necessary to compare prices and know the options, for which we invite you to enter our website where our advisors will help you find the best medical expense insurance option according to your needs.



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