Do home air purifiers really work?

by hui chao
air purifier

Air purifiers promise to deliver cleaner air in indoor spaces. Sounds just what we need these days, right? But are these claims true? 

Can these devices get rid of air pollutants? Most importantly, is an air purifier for home worth the purchase?

That’s what we’re talking about in this post and more. So, let’s begin.

What is an air purifier?

Air purifiers clean the air by targeting impurities, such as pollutants and allergens. It can filter the air passing through it. 

Filters can be made from various materials, such as cotton fibres or plastic fibres. Aside from trapping particles, purifiers can also work to destroy particles, such as mould and bacteria.

Choosing the right air purifier

You’ll find several types of air purifiers in the market, so it’s important to look into their specific features and advantages. 

For example, you might want to check if the air purifier for home uses HEPA filters. HEPA filters are one of the most common filters and can remove the smallest particles. 

If you have allergies or existing respiratory conditions, it also helps to see if the product is fit for you. Check how fast it can filter the air. 

If you’re worried about the device producing noise, check as well if it operates quietly. This will make it more ideal for placing in the bedroom, especially for children’s rooms.

Of course, you’ll also want to make sure it consumes low energy. And if you’re planning to invest in more than one device, look into your square footage first.

Air purifiers differ in size and can sanitize indoor air in corresponding room sizes. If the space is too large for the purifier, it won’t deliver as expected. 

Don’t forget to know more about the manufacturer and the supplier. Be sure it’s a trusted brand in the industry and that you’re purchasing from a legitimate seller. 

Other ways to clean indoor air

Relying on air purifiers, alone, to sanitize indoor air is won’t offer as much help. 

They won’t be able to target particles that are resting on surfaces, such as your couch or flooring. These areas need to be cleaned, too, using other devices, such as vacuums. Beddings, sheets, and curtains also need to be changed and washed regularly.

If you have existing medical conditions, you also can’t rely on air purifiers, alone, to improve your health. You need to check in with your doctor regularly and take medications or treatments as they recommended.

Pets also need to be bathed often, especially if you or someone at home is allergic to pet danders.

So, do air purifiers work?

Air purifiers will most likely serve their purpose as long as you’re choosing the right model for your home. They also work best when coupled with other home cleaning strategies. 

Consult with your family doctor to know if you need one and also seek recommendations from product experts. 
Before investing in an air purifier for your home, compare product options. See if you need the features they offer, but don’t trade price for function.

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