DMOOSE Is Your One-Stop Shop for Fitness Equipment and Supplements

by xiomarawilson

We all have different goals when it comes to our fitness and wellness. For some, that includes equipment-less activities like walking or jogging, while others prefer to enhance their exercise regimen with gear. No matter your experience, lifestyle, or preference, fitness brand DMOOSE has a range of products catered to helping you reach your goals.

This vision of fitness inclusivity and accessibility is precisely what Pakistani entrepreneur Mussayab Ehtesham had in mind when founding DMOOSE in 2017.

“When I quit my job as a mechanical engineer, I dreamed of creating fitness gear that would suit everyone’s needs, from the entry-level person to the high-performance athlete and workout extraordinaire,” Ehtesham said. “If you’re adamant about achieving your health and wellness goals, you should have the tools and resources to do so at your disposal.”

Fitness Equipment and Supplements

Fitness Equipment and Supplements

Over the past four years, DMOOSE has diversified its inventory to include weight belts, exercise bands, boxing, compression, and lifting gear and equipment for everything from strength and conditioning to core and abdominal. Their newly launched supplement line merges sports nutrition––with products ranging from pre-workout to fat burner and testosterone booster and health and wellness––with products spanning Omega 3 Fish Oil and Multi-Vitamin.

“It’s equally as important to maintain your internal health as it is your physical fitness,” Ehtesham said. “It’s why we’ve made DMOOSE into a multifaceted hub that’ll help you both seek out health information and pinpoint products best suited for you.

“We’re simplifying the process of making it easier for people to prioritize their health,” Ehtesham added, “and we’re working day in and day out to curate DMOOSE into a one-stop-shop for all fitness and motivational needs.”

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