Digital Signage Content Ideas for Banks

by jackleo
digital signage banking industry

The different content you can display on digital signage is almost endless. However, if you need some inspiration, here are some digital signage software management content ideas before for banks.

New Policies

The banking industry is highly regulated by legislation and often corporate administrators. This means that new policies come around quite frequently. There are plenty of ways to do incorporate new policies into your digital signage content. For instance, you could create a video with an explanation, a fun stop motion animation, or simply break it down power point-style on rotating slides.


Whether you are offering a free checking account for students or having a $200 bonus for your credit card members, advertising your promotions is crucial to their success. After all, customers can’t participate if they don’t know about the promotion in a timely fashion. The nice part about using digital signage for promotional content is that you can incorporate the terms and conditions a lot easier than just including fine print at the bottom of a poster.


Event details are great to incorporate into digital signage in the bank. Banks often hold financial education events, marketing, and hiring events. To attend these, the public needs to know about them and the details of “what, when, and where”. Digital signage allows room to give event information in detail and drive excitement for attendance.


Each bank operates in its own way and though there are some standard practices, visitors to your bank may need instructions on what to do and where things are. Digital signage is a great way to communicate important instructions to customers because it is easy to read from any distance, captures attention, and can be organized into steps using a slideshow feature. By giving your customers instruction through digital signage allows them to get help without having to find an employee, essentially making their experience easy and pleasant.

Waiting Entertainment

No one likes waiting in line, so banks should consider incorporating some entertainment content in their digital signage. Ideas for this include slive stock market, weather, and social media widgets. You can also incorporate other more fun plugins like “Today in History”, pop culture news, or fun facts. Don’t forget that background music on your digital signage content can also provide entertainment, too.


A lot of people only have a checking or savings account at a bank and only go there for deposits or withdrawals. However, many banks offer a lot more than just a few accounts. Some banks offer financial advisory services, retirement planning, credit monitoring, and more. Digital signage in the bank is a good way to design various content around the different services offered by your bank. Like with promotions, events, or policy content you can utilize a combination of video, animation, text, and photos to inform customers of your bank’s offerings.

Collecting Information

Digital signage in the bank can also be interactive through touchscreens. Interactive digital signage opens a whole new world of content for banks. One of the best ways to use it is to collect information from your customers while they wait or on their own time. Not only does it help keep sensitive information private because they don’t have to say it out loud, but it can also speed up wait times. Whether you want them to sign up for a new alert system or need their information for verification, interactive digital signage can help.


Advertisement content is perfect for banks. After all, you have customers waiting to be helped which makes a great audience. Of course, you can advertise your services, promotions, or events as we have mentioned above, but you can also rent out your digital signage space to other local companies for them to advertise. Utilizing your digital signage for some third-party advertisement is a way to offset digital signage costs.

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