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Differences between Mastercard and Visa: which one is for you?

by Lisa Baker

Doubting between choosing a Visa or Mastercard? In today’s article we will talk in detail about these two options so that you know the difference between Mastercard and Visa. 

Mastercard: features and benefits

The characteristics and advantages of the Mastercard card are the following:


  • Access to daily purchases in online stores. 
  • Provides an extended warranty service.
  • If you lose the card, you can request an emergency replacement. 
  • Accounts with price protection, with 60 days after the purchase of the product. 
  • MasterCard cards are accepted at 32 million stores in more than 200 countries. 
  • ATM network of 1 million. 

Advantages of choosing a Mastercard card

As we have indicated in the characteristics, Mastercard cards are accepted in more than 32 million establishments in the world and in more than 200 countries, while visa cards can be used in 170 countries.

Regarding the exchange rate, Mastercard also continues to gain in relation to Visa, since in a payment transaction abroad the exchange rate is more beneficial for us. 

Visa: features and benefits

On the other hand, the characteristics and benefits that the Visa presents are: 


  • Making partial payments for punctual purchases without additional recharges. 
  • Online card for internet purchases. 
  • Grant discounts on business partners. 
  • Available to make cash advances. 
  • Visa cards are accepted in 38 million establishments in 170 countries. 
  • 2 million ATM network. 

Advantages of choosing a Visa card

Visa credit and debit cards hold a market share in Spain of approximately 60% and Mastercard just over 25%. Regarding electronic commerce , 35% of payments for online purchases in Spain were made with this card, ahead of Mastercard. Thus, we can conclude that Visa cards are the preferred option for Spanish consumers.

On the other hand, Visa’s ATM network is broader than Mastercard’s, since it has 2 million and Mastercard keeps 1 million. In addition, in terms of the commissions of the cards when traveling abroad, Visa also wins, since it has the WiZink Oro Visa card, a card that does not charge commissions for currency exchange. 

Differences between Visa and Mastercard, which one is better for me?

The choice between a Visa card or a Mastercard is left to the consumer after evaluating the benefits offered by each of the options.

The benefits of Visa and Mastercard will also depend on the bank that grants the card , as well as the type of card that is delivered to the client, be it Classic, Premium, Platinum, Gold, Black or Signature, since each of them has specific benefits and that they differ between them, of which they can be enjoyed when they are acquired. 

In conclusion, the differences between a Mastercard and Visa card will depend mainly on the benefits it offers, the limits of each of these benefits and the global scope of each franchise.

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