Did You Know That Body Scrubs Help Keep Our Skin Young and Smooth?

by juliekouba24
Did You Know That Body Scrubs Help Keep Our Skin Young and Smooth?

You are probably more familiar with the term exfoliation. And, also, that you associate it with a facial treatment. But, did you know that body scrubs help keep our skin young and smooth? Ultimately, the idea is the same, cleanse the skin in depth and remove dead cells.

The body scrubs are a very common technique in beauty salons. They can be applied alone. However, it is interesting that you consider them as a complement to any other treatment that works with the dermis. If you do them previously, the skin will be prepared to better absorb creams or other products that you have to apply.

What Do Body Scrubs Provide?

If you have heard that this is a treatment reserved for the summer or the times of the year in which we expose our body more, you better start by freeing yourself from this topic. It is true that the effect of  mask suppliers sunbathing and bathing in the pool or the sea dehydrates and dries out your skin, increasing its flaking.

But, body scrubs are just as necessary during the winter, when the skin is half asphyxiated under clothing. That lack of natural perspiration produces the same effect. In this case, annoying pimples usually appear that are easy to remove with the appropriate exfoliating products.

In addition to making your skin look its best, uniform, smooth and luminous, there are other benefits that are achieved with this equally interesting treatment:

  • improves blood flow
  • removes hardness and blemishes from the skin
  • increases cell regeneration, that is, slows premature aging of the dermis
  • it has a relaxing effect, because not everything is taking care of the body. Body scrubs support general well-being and relieve stress

In principle, body scrubs are recommended for anyone. But, it is convenient that you check that there are no allergic problems. And, remember not to sunbathe for a couple of days because the skin is less protected and has a higher risk of burning and irritation.

Body Exfoliation Techniques

The body scrubs can be made at home using creams and gloves or brushes working in more deep layers of the dermis. However, its results are not comparable to those achieved in a beauty salon. There are two ways to perform these treatments:

  • mechanical peeling. Specific appliances are used. The most advanced is microdermabrasion with diamond tips or with microcrystals, although this second is more recommended to apply to the skin. Without a doubt, within the body scrubs, the diamond tip peel is the most interesting. Especially if your client is interested in a reducing treatment, because it eliminates the horny layer of the skin and thus the fat cells are better mobilized.
  • chemical peel. Through gels or creams. A pleasure that you cannot miss because of the range of aromas and varieties at your disposal!

Add both formulas to your star treatment offer! You already knew that body scrubs help keep our skin young and smooth. Now, in addition, you are aware of all the added benefits they provide.

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