Custom Mailer Boxes Are Exactly What Their Label Says in 2021.

by Fast Custom Boxes
Custom mailer boxes

Because they are used primarily to store and ship products, custom mailer boxes are preferred by subscription box companies and e-commerce brands. It can assemble this box thanks to its interlocking flaps or wings quickly. It is secure without adhesive tape.

Its double-sided walls are a big plus for subscription box companies. They also appreciate its durability and resistance against transportation.

Mailer boxes
Mailer boxes

Different types of mailer boxes:

  1. Small mailer boxes with wings make up the majority of the most widely used mailer boxes.
  2. The tear strips and adhesive-lined tubes make it easier to seal and easier to open.
  3. Standard mailer boxes don’t have side wings, unlike mailboxes with attachments.

The design and function of your website will determine how it looks.

6 Inspirational Designs for Custom Mailer Box Wholesale Designs

E-commerce companies love mailer boxes because they provide a great experience when unboxing. These mailer box designs will help you make a lasting impression.

For example, subscription boxes pack many small items in one box. Mailer boxes are great packaging options for large products. These boxes are used to deliver goods safely and efficiently. However, it can also market products as customers can see the products before they arrive.

Design of Mailer Boxes

A nice-looking mailer box can make it easier for customers to purchase. It is where design plays an essential and crucial role. You can express your brand’s personality with the many options for shipping boxes. Below are some inspirations for designing affordable custom mailer boxes.

Kraft boxes

Kraft packaging materials are trendy due to their ease of use for various products. They are also made from high-quality pine and recyclable wood materials. It can also safely transport and preserve the products inside, as well as safe transport.

Box insert customized

Custom inserts are used to protect the whole package, in addition to keeping the product in its place. These packaging options are ideal for certain products, mainly cosmetics.

Stickers made to your specifications.

To personalize the boxes, you can also add informational labels or seal them with stickers. It can use these stickers to appeal visually to customers and give them much information about the product, brand, and usage. Some brands include a few die-cut stickers as a gift or souvenir.

Canvas – The blank canvas

Because they are blank canvases, brands can design their mailboxes. With six sides, there is plenty of space for creative ideas. You could write a message to each customer or print graphics with the brand name and slogan. Do your products have sustainable packaging? Please share this information with your customers.

In a Minimalist Style, Kraft and White

Choose between a bold pattern or something basic in white or kraft. This design is ideal for brands who want to convey the simplicity and minimalism in their brand values or those who wish to draw attention to their products.

Box Interior Printing

It can use the inside of your box to promote other products or provide information about their purchase.

You now have a better understanding of custom mailer boxes. It will allow you to determine whether or not they are suitable for your products and how you can personalize them to suit your brand. If you’re beginning and aren’t sure where to find high-quality, affordable packaging, you can instantly get a quote using our website fast custom boxes.

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