Adopt these 3 simple Tricks to Transform your Custom Cream Boxes

by kwick packaging
cream boxes

People loves to moisturize their skin in every weather. As human skin comprises more than 70 percent of water. But due to environmental aggressors and pollution the skin composition of water content get disturbs. Here comes the need of moisturization through creams.

There are various kind of creams being introduced within the market such as Whitening, anti-wrinkle, deep moisturizing etc. So, as the tough competition is going on, now there is a need to bring innovation in your custom cream boxes. There are plenty of ways to create a difference in your cream packaging.

Adopt the following three simple tricks:

Note Down all the ingredients

Ingredients are the backbone of the beauty cream boxes. Without describing the cream ingredients people will not tend to buy your product frequently. So, go for describing the content of the cream on the boxes.

For example, if your cream is for anti-wrinkle care and you are utilizing hyaluronic acid and polyphenols then go embedding the infographics of these both major ingredients and define the name below it. If you follow the typical chemical style of adding the ingredients will not be that helpful for the buyers to understand the ingredients.

Moreover, you can also go for adding the reading infographic at backside of the box. So, people can read the complete list of the ingredients while buying. By reading the complete ingredient list people can know about those ingredients to avoid certain allergies.

Material Decides the Texture of the box

When customers hold the cream box, the texture is the first think they feel in their hands. So, decide the material carefully. Kraft boxes are the most sustainable and keep the environment clean as they are biodegradable.

The texture of the kraft material boxes is rough originally. But through the help of the coatings the texture of the box can be changed from smooth to rough. For instance, by applying the gloss or matte coating.

Further, the corrugated and rigid material boxes are also sustainable and good for international shipment as well.

Describe the Usage of the Cream on the Box

The cosmetic users also wanted to know the usage of the product. So, go for inscribing the infographics at the one side of the custom cream packaging which is describing the usage of the cream.

For instance, make sure your infographics show the hand and quantity of the cream to use at one time and specify the direction how to massage it on hands and then on face.

Moreover, you can specify the arrows on face infographic according to the directions the cream should be massaged.

If you feel difficulty in showing the usage through infographics, you can even describe in writing 2 to 3 lines as well. But do detail out the usage for good sales.

Hire a Good Packaging company.

There are various packaging companies out there who provide the best packaging. You can select the one which provide free design services and the free shipping.

Moreover, the good packaging companies offers templates according to your industry type. But if you don’t like their templates you can go design your own and can convey your design to the selected packaging company.

Further, you can also ask for the prototypes to have better understanding of the box before placing your final order.

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