Current account for young people

by Alex Musk

Do you want a convenient checking account with which to do everything you need, but with minimal management bond fees? Maybe you study or work and already live away from home? If you are looking for the best current account for young people, we have the right one for you. This is the BPER current account. Offer on Demand, the basic package is free for up to 28 years.

With a current account, you deposit your money in the bank, which you withdraw when necessary and manage thanks to a series of services: debit card, salary credit, automatic bill payment.

To open a youth current account, you just need to be of age and go to the nearest BPER branch: you only need an identity document and tax code, you don’t need to make a minimum initial payment.

With Offer on Demand, you have a free youth current account until you turn 28.

What does it mean? That from 18 to 27 you don’t pay for:

The BPER Card V-Pay Contactless debit card, that is to say, the “ATM”, is indispensable for buying in the store and withdrawing cash, both in Italy and in Europe.

The Smart Web internet banking service and the Smart Mobile mobile banking app, with which you monitor the entries and exits of your youth account and carry out various operations, such as making transfers, top-up phones, and prepaid cards.

Cash withdrawals from automatic teller machines (ATMs) of banks that are part of the BPER Group on any day of the year.

The automatic debiting of utilities if, on your current account, there is a salary credit or an incoming bank transfer for at least € 1,000 every month.

In addition, according to your needs, you can join a series of services of your choice to manage your young current account with even more convenience. For example credit cards, online and bank branch transfers, branch withdrawals, and ATM withdrawals of other banks.

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