Cryptocurrency faces a quantum computing problem

by Margret Trout

Tony Leung Chiu-waiplays Wenwu/The Mandarin, Shang-Chi’s father.

Michelle Yeoh plays Jiang Nan, a guardian of a mythical city.

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The cast of Shang-Chi
Simu Liu plays the main character, Shang-Chi.
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Here’s the problem: The blockchain accounting technology that powers cryptocurrencies could be vulnerable to sophisticated attacks and forged transactions if quantum computing matures faster than efforts to future-proof digital money.

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Reviews and reactions

CNET film critic Richard Trenholm writes, “Shang-Chi comes subsequent to Marvel strengths and weaknesses even though plus feeling subsequent to something winningly new.”

Awkwafina, the rapper and actress, plays Katy, a hotel valet and Shang-Chi’s near friend, who’s unaware of his past.

We’ll amass more as we locate them.

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Definitely a win/win predicament.
Meng’er Zhang plays Xialing: Shang-Chi’s divided sister.

David Callaham is the screenwriter.

Benedict Wong plays Wong, a Master of the Mystic Arts, as previously seen in further Marvel films.

Destin Daniel Crettonis the director.

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