by Alex Musk

The prize hunting season is officially open in Switzerland, and families and individuals from all over Switzerland are looking for the cheapest deductible health insurance. Comparing the different health insurance companies can be helpful. But which health insurance is the cheapest and what do you need to watch out for when changing health insurance?

A distinction must be made between cheaper health insurance companies, for which strict restrictions should be accepted, and affordable health insurance companies that guarantee a certain degree of flexibility.

Comparison of health insurance and / or change of health insurance

What is it that matters most to us? At the top of the wish list of most policyholders there is of course an affordable health insurance. However, when comparing health insurance premiums, the guaranteed benefits must also be taken into account. A “cheap” checkout can quickly turn into real trouble if it offers very little customer service, requires us to prepay medical bills and wait months for reimbursement. As long as you don’t submit medical bills, there doesn’t seem to be any problems. Things get complicated in case of questions or problems for which you need a competent interlocutor.

Cancel existing health insurance coverage

A very understandable wish when your health insurance premium continues to rise. Canceling sickness insurance is the first impulse to which many policyholders yield year after year. Just enough time to find out about the termination deadline for the health insurance and the termination letter is sent immediately . Simple, right? But who can guarantee that everything will go smoothly with the new health insurance and that you have requested / stipulated the same coverage guaranteed by the current health insurance?


If the insurer receives the cancellation after the deadline, it will apply it only on the earliest possible subsequent date.

Comparison of health insurance – supplementary insurance

Where one health insurance is targeting alternative medicine , another contributes significantly to the cost of the gym. Therefore, it is good to weigh what you can safely give up and what you cannot. A 1: 1 comparison is impossible in most cases, as the supplementary insurance products of all health insurance companies provide different coverage. Contacting a specialist is the best thing to do, because it protects you from hasty decisions that, once made, can no longer be undone.

Health insurance benefits pay off in the long term

The cheapest cash register is quickly found, and the joy is initially great. But then, little by little, a certain disenchantment emerges. When the first medical bill is sent, the euphoria is still great, but when the new health insurance company receives the first bill of benefits, it turns out that there is little to be happy about. Medicines and therapies, which were covered by the old health insurance fund, are now strictly rejected by the new health insurance and we have to pay for them out of our own pocket.

Of course, the monthly premium is cheaper. But once we add up the additional costs to us, the picture that comes out is not quite what we expected.

Health insurance – premium discounts and added value

Take advantage of possibilities, additional premium discounts and capital gains for families, such as direct payments for bills for orthodontic appliances . As you certainly know, the costs of orthodontic appliances in Switzerland are high, and they weigh heavily on the family budget for the duration of the tooth posture correction process . To these, there are also the annual costs of the children’s dental care. Therefore, it has every interest to benefit from additional payments in this area.

The PRO LIFE health insurance solution – a model that makes sense

For over 30 years, the PRO LIFE family association has offered a health insurance solution to families and individuals, which guarantees additional direct payments to its members. A family insurance that satisfies almost all needs and also offers capital gains to individual insured persons.

Extract of individual added values ​​for PRO LIFE members

Coverage of 90% of the costs of posture correction of the teeth / orthodontic appliances

75% coverage of the costs (without annual limits) of dental treatments, including fillings, teeth cleaning, etc.

Removal of the preliminary visit to the dentist (certificate and x-ray).

These are just some of the many benefits that around 70,000 members can take advantage of. Have we piqued your interest? Ask us for an offer without obligation.


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