Complete Guide to Import QuickBooks Desktop to Online

by joshua weissman
Import QuickBooks Desktop to Online

Accounting for an establishment’s account has never been a fast served platter. However, it is one complicated task which needs utmost perfection and accuracy. QuickBooks have proved to be one of the most handy and easy to use accounting and bookkeeping software and thus, proved to be one of the inevitable tools for any company to accumulate their finances.  Being well conscious of the reality that QuickBooks arrives in two variants which stand:

  1. QuickBooks desktop
  2. QuickBooks online

Let us understand how to import QuickBooks desktop to online with the help of this complete set of information mentioned in this article.

What does it mean to import QuickBooks desktop to online?

Let us understand what importing QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks online men with the help of an example: If a user needs to access his company data while being away from his workplace or expects to grant admission to some additional user above the company, then the user will be at the comfort of accomplishing so by transforming QB desktop to QB online.

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What is the dissimilarity between QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks online?

QuickBooks desktop offers accessibility if the users install the different QuickBooks desktop version on a single computer by paying certain charges. On the other hand, QuickBooks online presents users the accessibility to access their data anytime and anywhere from different appliances. Which in kindness reduces the life of the business persons who are always on the move. Another feature which comes with QuickBooks online is that it ensures all your data is backed up and offers immediate access to the latest updates and features.

Here is a list of some common issues and limitations that you might face while converting QuickBooks Desktop to Online:

  1. You won’t be able to import reconcile reports in QuickBooks Online from the Desktop version because of their special nature.
  2. If you are using multi-currency feature in QuickBooks Desktop, then it won’t be imported as it is in the QuickBooks Online.
  3. Limitations are also applied when importing accounts like cash purchase, class list, employees, customer list, field limitation, payment method list and many others.

What are the efforts to drive from QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks online?

It is quite a jittery task to transfer data from one accounting software to another, however, here are some steps which will ease the complexities of migration and help you resolve problems converting QuickBooks Desktop to Online.

  1. Check the number of files you want to convert.
  2. Prepare what all data you wish to export from QuickBooks desktop:
  • By taking care of the pending tasks.
  • By updating data.
  • By backing up the files.
  1. Create a QuickBooks online account.
  2. Go back to QuickBooks desktop to transfer the data.
  3. Click on “export company files to QuickBooks online”.
  4. Sign in to your QuickBooks online account.
  5. Copy all the files you want to transfer.

Things to keep in mind before the Converting QuickBooks Desktop to Online

  1. It is recommended for you to keep your data files in QB desktop till the time you are not sure that QB online is  best to go for.
  2. There could be certain information which will not be imported while you convert from desktop to online.
  3. Ensure that you are well aware of the import limitations and the difference in features in both QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks online.

To complete in a nutshell, every modification you make is exclusively based on the configuration and the condition of your business. Hopefully, after reading the article you can now easily import QuickBooks Desktop to Online and also you had an better idea of which is better QuickBooks Online Vs. Desktop.


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