Combine Concave Setting: An Overview

by Estes Concaves
combine concave setting

If you own a combine harvester, you will know that the combine concave is an important part that is used in the combine harvester. Combine concave setting allows the combine harvester to be used in a more efficient way. The combine concave can be used to make the harvester work to harvest different types of crops. One equipment can be used to harvest different crops. Just changing the crop settings is sufficient to use the combine concave to harvest any crop. Whether you plant soybean, wheat, rye, sunflower, or any other crop you can harvest them using the combine concave.

Combine concave setting changes

Farmers need to understand the different combine concave setting options available. Knowledge of all these settings ensures the farmer can use the harvester to the best of its capacity. Information about settings would be listed in the manual of the harvester. An overview of the information is given below:

  1. To use the harvester to harvest multiple crops, these are the settings that need to be used. To harvest oats, the setting to be used is to change the fan speed. The optimal speed for oats is 750 to 900 R.P.M. In case, you want to harvest rye then you need to change the fan speed to between 350 to 450 R.P.M. For maize, the fan speed settings should be between 900 to 1200 revolutions per minute.
  2. Rotor loss is a common problem faced by farmers. This problem occurs due to overloading. When this problem occurs, the crop yield gets reduces due to the overloading. The solution is to reduce rotor loss, for which the use combine concave setting is helpful. Use of the concave helps to solve this problem that causes losses to the farmer.
  3. Ground speed is an important settings in the combine concave. It is important to make changes in the ground speed to harvest crops in the most efficient way. The ground speed can be varied depending on the crop being harvested and the ground conditions. It allows the flow of crop to be optimal. This ensures the best yield of crop.
  4. Apart from ground speed another key parameter is ground clearance. This can affect the crop harvested. Too less clearance can cause crop damage. Too much of clearance leads to the crop falling through. It is important to use the right settings as per the manual.
  5. Chafer settings are an important parameter. By making changes to this setting, the harvesting process is more effective. This will allow separation of chaff to be better, thus improving quality.
  6. The combine concave and the harvester are one time investments that allow farmers to use the equipment to work at its full potential. This helps the farmer earn more from the harvester. Reducing losses and increasing yield can help farmers be profitable.

By changing combine concave settings farmers can use the combine to harvest any type of crop. The effectiveness and efficiency of the combine harvester can be enhanced by the right use of settings.

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