College students more stressed than adults

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There are many associations who survey for the stress and they reported that the college students have higher levels of the stress than the adults. In the year 2018, a survey is produced in which the college students reported worse mental health also the higher level of anxiety and the depression than all the other age groups specially adults.

There are many reason…

There are many reason to increase the stress of the college students rather than the adults. As the college tuitions increase along with necessities to become into the top college increase e, the college students are put under much more pressure these days than in the former generations. In the survey that is done by American Psychological Association (APA) and Myassignmenthelp, on average, the college students reported the stress level at the 5.8 on a scale of 10-point.

On other hand the adults on average simply reported the 5.1. In compare, an additional study of 22,000 college students through the U.S. establish that only 22% of those surveyed claim that they feel no stress at their school time.

Compared to the rate of divorce

Compared to the rate of divorce from 30 years ago, the higher amount of today’s college students are probably to practice divorce of their parents also the broken situation of their home that can enlarged stress, anxiety and depression. They need 8 to 9 hours’ time to sleep in the night but max of them approximately 87 % gets less than 7 hours of sleep nightly which is a benefit for the adults.

The overtired and overstressed college students spend all the day in classes and after that come home and spend on average more than three hours in the night for their homework. In this college students, some of are found to consume alcohol which is very dangerous also harmful than any adult who is consumed drugs or alcohol because the college students are still physically developing so consuming drugs and alcohol can affect their process of development.

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