Clever Tools To Implement and Fix Error “QuickBooks error 6143”

by erica watson

Error code “QuickBooks error 6143” has been causing mayhem to users in their hectic schedules time and time again. Despite claiming a host of industry-competent features along with sporting an amicable user interface, users are struggling with software bugs in QuickBooks. One such error code “QuickBooks error 6143” occurs while a user makes several attempts to back up certain company files, but ends up in vain. One of the most probable factors that contribute to triggering the aforementioned error is that one of the Windows needed to assist QuickBooks has been impaired or not working effectively. However, it could have other reasons as well and it precisely has some of the best viable remedies to fix the error, all mentioned in the blog topics lying further ahead.

While a user might easily encounter the error “QuickBooks Error 6143” while running backup, nevertheless various techniques have been found effective against the above-mentioned error. Notwithstanding, if you have a hard time troubleshooting the error all by yourself, dial the toll-free number 855-856-0042 for reaching out to an expert for technical help.

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Possible factors that are found to be involved in triggering of “QuickBooks Error 6143”

  • One of the Windows components in the user’s PC is damaged or has been not performing well.
  • The company file which is being backed up has certain data relevant issues such as data integrity issues or data loss.
  • The backup file has been named inappropriately using certain special characters, symbols, spaces, etc. which are all unsupported in QuickBooks.

Next Level Methods to Fix “QuickBooks error 6143”

Solution-1: Employ Auto Data Recovery to recover lost transactions for the last few hours and fix data integrity issues within the backup fileClose the ‘QuickBooks Desktop’ application.

  • Navigate to the desktop.
  • Make a new folder and label it with the title ‘QBTest’.
  • Using Windows Explorer, locate the folder holding all your company files.
  • Look for the ‘QuickBooksAutoDataRecovery’ folder.
  • Alternatively, a user may look for the company files path in the product information window which can be accessed by opening the QuickBooks application and pressing the ‘F2’ key.
  • Search all files with file-extensions ‘.QBW.adr’ as well as ‘.TLG.adr’.
  • While keeping the files selected, hold down keys ‘Control’ + ‘C’ simultaneously to copy them.
  • Return to the desktop to the QBTest folder, paste the files copied here.
  • Using a right-mouse click on each file, select ‘Rename’.
  • Change name from ‘.QBW.adr’ to ‘.QBW’ and ‘.TLG.adr’ to ‘.TLG’ respectively.
  • Run QuickBooks.
  • Browse ‘.QBW’ and ‘.TLG’ files in QBTest one at a time to see if the data has been recovered.

To sum up, we believe that our endeavor for bringing our users quality content has been accomplished by introducing users with the error “QuickBooks error 6143” in their quest to get past the aforementioned error without much hassle. We hope that queries put up by users were responded to appropriately. Should you have more to ask regarding the error, immediately place a call on the toll-free number 855-856-0042 for round-the-clock technical assistance.

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