Choosing Your Tattoo Design: Top 8 Design Trends

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When thinking about your next tattoo design, find inspiration from existing trends.

That is the approach of many designers. Considering the amount of work Tattoo enthusiasts get done on their bodies, it is difficult to decide the most famous type. While some prefer to have mini designs, others prefer something large and bold. Preferences aside, what makes tattoo designs a great thing is their ability to represent. Whether its cultural or personal, they could mean anything.

That is why, it is imperative to think about the designs available at their disposal. For those who are looking to find inspiration for their next design. How can you do that? By simply looking at some of the most common trends and tattoo designs. They can help you find your next tattoo. Moreover, while these designs can be trendy and traditional, you can bend them according to your likings. Therefore, let us begin.

1. Traditional Japanese

Traditional Japanese is not that new. However, in recent times it has become a sensation in the North American market. One of the reasons being its downright unique appearance. If you have a knack for something traditional with a lot of history, then this one is for you. Why? Because Japan is one of the most culturally rich countries on the planet. The design possibilities are immense. You can draw something out of your imagination. Or just make up something out of existing designs. The bottom line is, this one of the preferred types because of the possibilities. It can inspire you, uplift you and make you stand out visually.

2. American Traditional

Traditional American design of tattoos is perhaps the most famous out of any on this list. Mainly because many consider America to be the top market of Tattoo artists, designs and tattoo enthusiasts. Over the year, it has developed a type of design that has become synonymous with the US of A. It uses colour palettes of the most vibrant themes. Moreover, it uses intriguing types of stereotypes. Usually the opposite of one another. Such as fire with water. The reason why this stands out on the list is because of its high demand. If you wish to make a tattoo with the most modern design tactics, then this one is for you.

3. Tribal

Tribal design has become really famous around the world in recent years. The reason why it is preferred on the Southern side of Americas is because of culture. However, on the northern side, it has more to do with it looking amazing. That is one of the reason why the global demand for this particular type has hyped in recent times.

4. Quotes & Letterism

This is perhaps the most common type for new tattoo seekers according to Tattoo Design Inc. Considering its simplistic nature and ease of having it inked, it makes it the top choice for beginners. However, the reason why it is famous is not only because of that. As letterism could mean more than just letters and words.

5. Black Work

Black work is the type for those who wish to like dark and bold designs. Usually it is blank ink filled in a particular shape. Giving it a shadowy, dark look. However, various designs can have different patterns of filling. Nevertheless, the name comes from the fact that it stands out as a intrepid, dark and intriguing design.

6. Dot Work

Dot work is one of the most artistic types. While all designs are made by artists, this particular type takes more from imagination than any other. That is why it warrants the artist to design it in the most intricate way. Making it an intriguing choice among the designs.

7. Surrealism

Surrealism, as the name states, deals with designs that look out of this world. Using a careful blend of colours and design, this particular type has a vast demographic. Usually people who like full sleeved or designs that cover large parts of their bodies.

8. Biomechanical

Biomechanical has become one of the most demanded types recently. Creating an illusion of body parts becoming steam-punk mechanical, it really stands out as an amazing design. If you like something retro plus realistic, then this is for you.

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