Check car: what physical details to watch out for?

However, you can also consider the following details when checking the car:

  • Bursting airbags: If the car’s airbags are burst or there are signs that they were replaced, you have the first indication that the vehicle was involved in an accident. To know if the indicator on the dashboard or warning light also works, it should light up for a few moments when the vehicle is operated.
  • Details in the paint: Check that the paint is homogeneous and that all parts have the same tone. A slight difference in color could mean that an entire part of the car has been changed or repaired, which could be the result of a crash.
  • Oxidation: The exterior of the vehicle must not show oxidation. On the other hand, the joints or joints between doors, hood and trunk must be straight and even.
  • Imperfect closing of doors: If the doors are not properly closed, it is a sign of a strong blow in the area.
  • Pay attention to welding: There should be no welding on any of the elements that make up the front and rear of the car; and everything should fit perfectly. Look at the shock absorber tower, which should be round and seamless.
  • Dented license plates : Check the license plates. Even if the car is remodeled, if the license plate was hit, you can keep hit records.
  • Condition of the rims: The tires must show even wear, and the rims must all be the same size.

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