Can you Hire a Headhunter to Find You a Job?

by Alex Jone

All the companies and startups face a similar situation or issue at the executive level and that is the search for the right candidates who can suit the job opening posted by the company. Here comes the job of a headhunter or a recruiting firm, which helps their third party client to find candidates. So, here you are, the perfect candidate. If you are based in Canada, can you hire leading Canada headhunters to help you find a job? Let’s look at some of the ways you can hire a headhunter to assist you in your professional life and what factors should be taken care of while working with headhunters.

How to Look for a Headhunter?

So, if you live anywhere in the world, say, Canada and want to find leading Canada headhunters you can look for them through various methods so that you can be assisted in finding a job. Some of these procedures are:

  • Referrals in Your Network

The easiest way for you to start searching for headhunters to help you with your career can be by asking the professionals that are present working your own network of people. They can refer you and patch you through to people with whom they have personally worked in the past. For example executives of a company might know of recruiters that the company had taken help of. Oftentimes, since our networks are built because of specific common grounds, the headhunters you can get in touch with might specialise in a particular niche or industry. Also, the list of headhunters you get through this way might be short, but don’t be discouraged because their expertise will actually take you a long way. 

  • Online Discussion Boards

On the internet, you can find out a lot of career related groups and discussion forums. When you participate and screen through these messages on the community forums, you can find referrals on these message boards that are hosted by the organisations that you might find relevant. These organisations whose forums you’ll be a part of can be related to you or your industry, like alma mater institutions, professional societies or trade associations.

  • Go Through Networking Sites

An average person first goes on the internet to look for anything or anyone they require, be it a job or a headhunter. How do you stand out? Apart from normal searches that you will obviously do online, you can look for headhunters on many of the online networking sites. This can be done by doing a keyword search. Within these sites, there can be a lot of members present, and some of them might even be present in the same situation as you or might have done this in the past. These members can refer you to a lot of people, who you can further talk and connect to.

  • Be a Part of Trade Groups 

Headhunters who act as recruiters often belong to such associations or groups that they are specialised in. When you, as a job seeker, join these organizations, you will be able to access a lot of these members and get a list of them. When you get a list of these members, you automatically get exposure and new chances to connect and network with them. You can now get linked to headhunters that own a membership in these trade groups.

  • Keep Looking at Business News

You should keep an eye on all the business related news or events that are happening. The news stories that contain announcements about what is happening within enterprises, especially the executive changes will usually also mention the recruiting firm or headhunters that were hired to help the company find its executives. These recruiters help find the enterprises a replacement of the executive position’s job holders. So, by finding out the sources of these headhunters or agencies, you can continue with your own research and try to connect and network with them.

  • Ask for Help from Employers

This method is although a bit less effective, but you can still try it out. You can call up the top employer that you know in your industry or in the field that you hold your expertise in and through their help, locate a skilled headhunter. When you are calling up people, ask to be transferred to the HR (human resources) department’s line so that you can ask the HR representative who is responsible for searching the firms that the organization utilises for the purpose of recruiting.

How To Work With a Headhunter?

Working with a headhunter can be tricky. This is because headhunters are typically present to help their third party client companies to find talented candidates and not vice versa, something which you are trying to do. So, here are some tips that help you while working with headhunters.

  • Research their Agency

Before being stringent on connecting with a headhunter, you should do a thorough research on the agencies that they have worked in. This way, you can save a lot of your time and resources by doing research beforehand. This is because in this field, there will always be some people or agencies that prove to be better fitted for your needs. You can always go on to the internet to check reviews available online and also ask for one-on-one recommendations from people.

  • Their Honest Opinion Matters

In the end, it is always your responsibility to craft a well rounded CV or a resume which should include all your capabilities and strengths. But, headhunters can always provide you with a valuable and resourceful insight on what they think about it. They can make some edits and add valuable comments. When you are working with headhunters, you should take the suggestions they give you seriously and try to inculcate as much as you can of those in your resume. The headhunters have a lot of expertise in this field and have a fair idea of which resumes make the cut. These insights will enhance your resumes tenfolds.

  • Find One Who Knows Your Niche

Headhunters usually work as the representative recruiters in certain agencies or companies. So, make sure that you find a recruiter from a company that is specialized in your particular industry. They must be aware of how your industry works and should have an expertise on placing people in jobs present in your niche.

  • Never Stop Looking for Jobs

Headhunters are often hired by companies to fill certain vacancies with the best suited candidates. So, even if you are in connection with a recruiter, they might not always recommend you for that specific position. Therefore the wisest thing is to not completely rely on a headhunter and to always keep looking for jobs on your own too. But, you have to make sure that the headhunter is aware of the positions and companies where you have applied and sent your resumes to.

These were some of the factors that you should keep in mind while working with a headhunter. You should remember that you and the headhunter have a partnership. Both of you are mutually benefitting from it because you get a job and the recruiter fulfills its client company’s demands. Honesty and communication from both sides is the key that will assure seamless working.

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