Can Careless Driving Affect My Auto Insurance?

Nowadays, reckless driving among the youth is quite common worldwide. But in most cases, reckless or careless driving can lead to serious consequences or even cause vehicular manslaughter. And most importantly, it will affect your auto insurance settlement.

There is plenty number of things that will affect auto insurance. And careless or reckless driving is one of them. If you are found guilty of being careless in an accident, it will eventually decrease the amount of accident settlement. That is why it is so important to know and learn about this issue.

So, in this writing, we will discuss how careless driving will affect your auto insurance. Keep reading to learn more.

What is careless driving?

Most of the drivers often confuse about careless driving. And they wonder what types of driving is considered careless driving. So, in simple words, when you will drive your car without taking any precautions or carelessness about the other’s road safety.

For example, if you carelessly change the lane of the road and it causes an accident. In some states, careless and reckless driving are two different things. Reckless driving is usually considered when you will race with another car, over speeding, driving with an expired license, and so on.

On the other hand, when you will violate the traffic or road rules. It will consider as careless driving. Regardless of careless or reckless driving, both are very serious traffic offences. And if you involve in such an offence, you may end up with some major fines or points on your license.  

Can careless driving affect your Auto Insurance?

The answer to this question is Yes. Then again, auto insurance depends on a lot of factors. And when you claim for a settlement to your insurance company. The settlement amount will depend on various factors. Such as the car model, driver’s accident history, the location you are living in, and many more.

All drivers have a personal driving record. And this also plays a huge role in determining the insurance cost. If a driver has a bad history of driving, that driver will consider as a riskier driver. The riskier your history of driving is, the more your insurance cost would be. Few actions are considered as careless driving:

  • Driving in over speed, racing with other cars
  • Texting or talking over the phone while driving
  • Reckless driving
  • Fleeing from police
  • Aggressive turning or passing
  • Driving with a suspended driving license and many more.

How much will the insurance premium increase?

Generally, the insurance premium will depend on few factors. Such as the age of the driver and the driving record history of the driver. For instance, if a young driver violates any traffic rules for carelessness, the insurance premium will increase much more than any older driver.  

However, different states have different violation rules and different percentages for insurance premiums. But there is an average increase percentage for insurance premiums. For example: For reckless driving, the percentage will increase up to 22%. The percentage rate will be 16% for careless driving. Additionally, for overspeeding, the percentage can go up to 12-15%.

How long will the violation affect your insurance premium?

Suppose you have any violations, accidents, or any suspension in this regard. Then those violations will appear in the insurance premium within the first 6 months of the accident. Now, you may wonder how long those violations will affect the rate of your insurance premium.

Usually, this affects the rate of the insurance premium for the first 3 years of any incident. In another word, if you violate any rules for carelessness or involve in any accident two years ago. The insurance premium will still increase till the 3 years of the incident.

The bottom line:

Careless driving is a common problem of our modern time where we all are rushing to reach our destination. Then again, we all should maintain and follow the traffic rules on the road and be aware of violating any rules. However, if someone still violates any rules for carelessness.

It will cause some impact on auto insurance. In some cases, the auto insurance premium rate can get increased significantly. Hopefully, this helped you to understand how Careless Driving affects auto insurance.

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