Buying Houses in London: Crossrail Links and Green Spaces

by ahmed hasnain
Buying Houses in London: Crossrail Links and Green Spaces

Buyers looking for affordable houses, good transportation connections and lots of greenery need to take out their Oyster cards and explore some of London’s most remote areas.

New rankings for all capital districts have identified Hillindon and Habering as the best options based on housing prices, council tax rates, price increases, number of parks, and transportation options. With its garden and open space, Hillindon is at the forefront with five Crossrail stations when it opens next year. Average property costs in this region of West London have increased by 7% over the past year to just over £ 430,000.

Average Listings

Havering in eastern London is ranked second. The average price of house for sale in London was just over £ 385,000, up 5% last year, with three Crossrail stations and numerous beautiful parks. Croydon and Hounslow are 3rd and 4th, while Greenwich and Lewisham are 5th. The developers did the study for an affordable living space pocket living. The best place in Hillingdon is probably the thriving Uxbridge. This is a smaller town than a suburb of London. “You’re at the Chiltern Hills Gate, but you’re also on the subway,” said Nick Jordan, director of real estate company Cameron. Uxbridge has two shopping centres: a cinema, the Grand Union Canal, a sports centre and a golf course.

The dining scene is like a chain, but Jordan said a small number of independents are emerging. The city lost the Debenhams retail anchor during the pandemic. The property spans seven-figure houses near its general, downwards. For historical life, the Greenway Conservation Area has elegant Victorian and Edwardian homes priced around £ 600,000 to £ 700,000 for three-bedroom homes and £ 300,000 for one-bedroom apartments. I have. Check out Bridge Road south of the city centre for more historic homes to make more money. These little properties have more petite price tags. For a three-bedroom double room, think of it as £ 400,000 to £ 550,000.

Potential Areas

Alternatively, you can explore Rockingham Road, just north of the centre. Here you can buy a 3-bedroom semi-bedroom in your 30s for the same price. Laura Johnstone, a shopping adviser who is the director of London Home Search, grew up in Greenwich. They noticed a young shopper coming to her to help find her home in Lee, Lewisham.

They are drawn to the area because of the excellent connection between cheap historic housing and transportation. Trains to Cannon Street and Charing Cross take less than 30 minutes. “Even if you work from home, it’s now important for most people to go to the office a few days a week and move around,” she said. Rental apartments in the area can be purchased for around £ 375,000 (a little cheaper if you go to an outside agency). The downside is that this is a very residential area. There is no cafe culture or boutique-like in the nearby Hidergreen and Blackheath areas. The apartments in the old building also attract young buyers to Thornton Heath, north of Croydon.

London Standards

Houses and old apartments from the turn of the century are cheap by London standards. Bernard Marcus branch manager Romael Taylor estimates that buyers can get a three-bedroom home for £ 400,000 to £ 450,000 or a one-bedroom apartment for £ 200,000 to £ 250,000. I am. “You are moving from Balham and Battersea,” he said. “They rented, but bring them here at an affordable price when they want to buy.” There are cafes and shops on the main street, a leisure centre, a park and the Croydon shopping centre nearby. Transportation links are another plus point for Thornton Heath. It takes about 30 minutes to connect to London Bridge or Victoria.

My new London neighbourhood ticks all the boxes

Theophile Irinhack rented an apartment in London Bridge, King’s Cross and Willesden Green after moving from his native France to London two years ago. After falling in love with the capital, he decided to take his roots, but none of his living areas met all his requirements.

“I wanted a place where you could get out and get into life right away,” said Theophile, an analyst at a fintech company. “After all, in every area I lived in, I had to go somewhere.”

During a trip, 23-year-old Theophile visited a friend in Greenwich and fell in love with that area. “For me, it was like going on vacation,” he says. “Near the river I love, Greenwich Park is great. It’s very well connected. I like all the old Navy buildings, and there are lots of restaurants, cafes and shops.”

Price was also a factor. “There are lots of beautiful areas that didn’t work within the budget,” he said. He met some London investment agents who helped in the houses-buying experience.


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