Binding cardboard gift boxes endless possibilities for decoration

Another interesting option for packing corporate gifts is cardboard boxes. Binding cardboard is a fairly strong material with a thickness of 1 to 3 mm. In terms of raw material composition, the binding board is similar to a micro corrugated board, which we talked about above, but is completely different in structure. So, if micro corrugated cardboard is a multilayer material, boxes from which are able to provide good shock-absorbing protection, then binding cardboard is a pressed multilayer or generally single-layer material, the capabilities of which are limited only by protection from simple external influences such as dust, dirt or scratches. 

Essentially binding cardboard boxes can only be a beautiful wrapper, so they are used much less often than micro-corrugated cardboard boxes. Another thing is that gift wrapping is very different in its principles from commodity or transport packaging. Therefore, in this area, bookbinding is quite a good raw material for making gift boxes

Fortunately, it is cheap, and the possibilities for decorating boxes from it are very diverse. And any complicated equipment for the production of gift boxes from binding cardboard is not required. Just some basic die-cutting presses and molds of the corresponding type are enough. Of course, all this leads to the fact that it is quite cheap to buy boxes for corporate gifts made of binding cardboard in any city of our country. 

Especially if wholesale and to order

Most of the beautiful corporate gift boxes made of binding cardboard are lined with designer paper. Lamination to paste over or laminate) is the gluing or pressing of a thinner, often decorative paper material to a denser one. For example, designer crepe paper can be used to decorate laminated cardboard gift boxes. Various shades. Gift boxes made of binding cardboard with magnet lids also look great – they are practical and convenient, plus they look very impressive. 

The image or lettering is usually applied to the top of the lid. But when applied to the valve, difficulties can arise: the surface next to the magnet is not perfectly flat, so the contours of the image sometimes “float”. Consider this technical nuance when ordering the application. However, you can always choose a box on Tie-Up ribbons, especially since the ribbons themselves lend themselves well to branding. Some binding board boxes can also be decorated with engraved nameplates or metal stickers. A metal sticker is a durable metal sticker with a beautiful gloss and precise detailing.

Coated cardboard boxes for corporate gifts: favorable price and amazing versatility

Well, for miniature or lightweight corporate gifts, boxes made of multi-layer coated kraft boxes custom will come in handy. For example, special food boxes with a window are ideal for packaging tea and sweets. On the inside, they have an additional layer of lamination, which absorbs the exceeded level of humidity, thereby maintaining the strength of the box in case of temperature extremes. In most cases, for the manufacture of this type of packaging, multilayer pressed kraft cardboard is used. This is a material of natural origin, which is made from bleached or unbleached wood pulp without any harmful plastic impurities. 

The coating is the process of applying a coating to the cardboard that gives the material a gloss and a number of unique properties. The composition of the coating includes adhesives and plasticizers, as well as a pigment, which is used as chalk or kaolin. Depending on the purpose, the cardboard can be coated in one or several layers. The multi-layer coating provides an attractive appearance, whiteness, and gloss of the surface. In the case of laminated boxes for corporate gifts of the food group, both the outer and inner layers of the box can be coated with a coating. 

At the same time, which is especially important, there can be several coated layers in such food boxes (from 1 to 3, depending on the specific model), both from the inside and from the outside. It all makes food corporate gift boxes, made of coated cardboard, a much more profitable packaging solution than any other type of gift wrap for lightweight items. And, perhaps, the most practical and financially interesting option for disposable packaging.

Self-assembled coated cardboard

No matter how trite it may sound, gifts are different. And in cost, and in quality, and in type, and, most importantly for us, in size. And from coated kraft cardboard you can order gift boxes today with completely different sizes. Moreover, it is easy and simple, and, most importantly, in any city of the US. A wide variety of boxes may be required for gift wrapping. For example, self-assembled coated cardboard gift boxes, for example, are one of the most sought-after and popular types of packaging for individual goods. 

And coated boxes with separate lids and bottoms often serve as packaging for piece gift items for sale (ballpoint pens, wristwatches, or some kind of commemorative figurines). In general, the main thing is not to forget that the gift box is an important part of your presentation, even if it is self-assembled, even with a separate lid and bottom. She should not only intrigue the recipient of the gift but also look great. 

Gift wrapping

Gift wrapping is a gift of CBD Custom boxes is also a practical solution; in the online store “Express Packing” you will find gift boxes of various styles, sizes, colors, prices, and materials. If you are looking for a store with inexpensive gift boxes in the US, then the Express Best Company will give you what you need. Unprinted or printed coated cardboard gift boxes are one of the cheapest gift wrapping options. 

Different in size and shape, these gift boxes are suitable for any gift. And if you are not used to saving on such trifles as gift boxes, then in the assortment of our store there are many multi-colored boxes for gifts from coated and chrome-ersatz cardboard. These are bright sets of oval boxes, and strict rectangular boxes, boxes in the form of books. And for a romantic gift for the New Year in our online store, you can buy a cheap gift box in the shape of a heart. For many women, flowers are always and will be the best gift. Why not choose a bright gift box for flowers instead of boring and traditional packaging? Flowers will be reliably protected from the vagaries of the weather, and a beautiful box will make the girl feel joyful in anticipation of a surprise.

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