Best Women Motivational Speakers In India

by Ayush Khanna

Motivation is the thing that keeps people going in their lives. Everyone needs motivation and inspiration at some point of time. Be it going to gym, starting a diet, reading a book or even to work, everyone needs encouragement and motivation. There are many ways through which people get motivated. As each individual is unique and varies from person to person, they have different ways of getting inspired. People read books, exercise, take a walk and clear their heads, listen to amazing motivational speakers and read inspirational quotes.


As a matter of fact, there are many motivational speakers who help people with their amazing support and guidance. But there are female motivational speakers who are full of empathy and courage, they tell their life stories in a unique and different way.


Women Motivational Speakers

Women motivational speakers are driven with sympathy and empathy. They have a high emotional quotient and can understand the situation of people on a more personal level. They know how to bring a sense of maturity, stability and consistency in people’s growth and development.


  1. Sudha Murthy- Sudha Murthy, the president of the Infosys Foundation has proven that women travel the world giving massive freedom to the people there. She is also an author and social worker. This very talented lady was the winner of Padma Shri award in 2006. She shared golden sayings in all her messes that can give you an alarming reality.
  2. Arunima Sinha- One of the best female motivational speakers, she is not only a motivational speaker, but also a former 7-rep volleyball player. This quote of hers tells you directly how she was able to achieve all of this. She believes in setting high goals in life, and not stopping from anyone so that we can emerge as a winner. She believes in extreme determination and focus.
  3. Priya Kumar- Priya Kumar is one of the best female motivational speakers and she is a writer. She is the author of 12 books which includes amazing novels and self-help books to help people and guide them accordingly. She has met or even trained over 300 million people through her workshops and books. She is one of the most amazing women motivational speakers who believes that self-confidence, effort and responsibility speak.
  4. Gul Panag- She is an actress, voice actress, model and former beauty who competed in Miss Universe. She runs a foundation “Colonel Shamsher Singh Foundation”, an NGO for gender equality, education and disaster management. Not only that, she is also a health activist and fitness advocate. She is an amazing female motivational speaker who inspires people from all over the world with her life journeys and events.
  5. Mary Kom– An Olympic boxer, is a five-time amateur boxing world champion and the only boxer to medal in each of the six world championships and the only Indian boxer to qualify for the Summer Olympics in 2012, retains the bronze medal. Her aura makes the audience want to listen to her more and more. Women can be a mother and can be a warrior at the same time. Hit all your hard-to-win obstacles in life. An amazing life coach and female motivational speaker, Mary Kom has been inspiring people all over the world with her achievements and life struggles.
  6. PV Sindhu- P.V Sindhu, “World no 4 in the BWF World Ranking” (2017), is applauded for her outstanding badminton performance. A young player who connects perfectly with young audiences. She is an inspiration for the diversity of work. A perfect example of hard work and personal motivation.
  7. Saina Nehwal- Saina Nehwal, the best badminton player in the world, is the only Indian player and the second Indian player to achieve this position. She won an Olympic bronze medal and won more than twenty international titles, including ten Super Series titles! Inspiring women to empower themselves and break the odds. She believes in encouraging others to work hard and achieve a common goal.


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