Best Tips For Making a Great Poster For Academic Students

by jacobbenjamin

Poster is generally used to promote something. Poster these days are used both online and offline. We have been watching offline posters since our childhood days. Online posters came in trending when people started spending more time on social media. But academic posters are much different from general posters. They consist of diagrams, facts and figures. Here, you will find a few tips with the help of which you will be able to make an attractive and informative academic poster.

1. Read from a distance

The fonts of the poster must be large so that people can see it from at least 5-7 feet away. If not the whole text, then at least the important points of the poster can be written in large fonts. Your sign can be presented at an exhibition, or it can be there at the bookfair.

And there will be many other posters there also in the room. That is why you should try to write in large font sizes. This will help people to know what your sign is all about. For example, your topic can be an ‘accounting dissertation’. Then one of your headings can be ‘IMPORTANCE OF ACCOUNTING’. Writing in block letters will also help your audience to see your poster from a distance.

1. Make it compact

Yes, you will be writing 800 words but do not write in long paragraphs. Use bullet points and try to write in short paragraphs. In this way, your readers will not get bored while reading your work. You need to write in such a way that they will not feel bored. Instead, your compact style of writing will make them stick to your work till the end. Even if your topic is mathematics dissertation help tricks and tips’. You might think that as the subject is mathematics, you will not be able to make the poster compact. Well, you can balance between the number of words and the number of diagrams.

2. Title

Yes, your facts, design and content will be the king, but Title is important. But, some people judge too quickly. If they find the title to be unattractive, then they will not read your entire work. This is the reason that the title has to be attractive. The title has to be short and sweet. A beautiful title will attract a lot of audiences. The title of your poster can be ‘Dissertation Thesis Help’.

3. Word count

The word count has to be between 600-800 words. See, when you are doing a poster, do not focus much on the word count. While doing a poster focus continually on the diagrams, colours, pictures and graphs. In the case of academic posters also try to present the facts and information with the help of pictures and diagrams. Do not make it too long. If you need ‘marketing dissertation help, you should seek professional assistance.

4. Make it easy to read

Please do not use complex words. The thing is, you are making the poster for all kinds of audiences. And you cannot expect that all your audience or viewers will come from the same educational background. Do provide facts and information, but please do not use too much jargons. Make it simple so that every kind of audience will be able to read your poster. You are making the poster, not for a definite group of people to read. Rather you are making it for all kinds of people to read. From dissertation introduction to dissertation conclusion, use easy words.


Last but not least, while working on posters, keep a balance between making them attractive and presenting information. Do not make it too long and boring, which can make the attractiveness fade away. But do not make it too attractive so that it can ruin the value of information.

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