Best Tile for Bathroom Walls

by Lisa Vincent
Best Tile for Bathroom Walls

Thinking of renovating your bathroom? Or confused about which tiles to choose for your bathroom? Then this article is for you.

This article provides you with a complete guideline for picking up the best tile for your bathroom walls. So, let’s check out.

10 Best Tiles for Bathroom Walls

A bathroom is where you refresh yourself after a tiring day. Whether taking a shower or personal hygiene activity, you want it relaxing and reviving. And here the decoration plays a great role.

Moreover, your guests often tend to judge you by observing your sense of decoration. So, it is important to choose the best tile for your bathroom walls.

The design also depends on your taste and region. Among several wall tiles design in Bangladesh, here are the 10 best tiles suggestions for your bathroom.

Pickett Tiles

Pickett tiles are one of the best tiles for your bathroom walls. These tiles are quite hexagonal, and their edges contain the advantage of stooping. These edges give the tile a different look and make it perfect for your bathroom walls.

Another notable thing about this tile is its materials. Glossy ceramics are used to make this tile reflect more light throughout the room.

Cappella Marble Effect Tiles

Cappella Marble effect tiles are the best options if you want your bathroom walls to be decorated with stone or at least stony effect. Marbles are now the most trending and hottest stones you’ll ever find.

But using real marble stones is highly expensive and needs extra maintenance costs. The alternative option is Cappella marble effect tiles with such veining characteristics that will best contrast your house’s restrooms or walls.

Troverta Tiles

After the stone effect, now you might think about rock effects for your bathroom walls. No worries. We have a better suggestion for that purpose too.

For a realistic rocky effect on your bathroom walls, you can use troverta tiles without any second thought. These tiles are grey-colored, giving you a soothing spa feeling. Again, you will get a shimmering glossy finish over ceramics by using these tiles.

Raku Tiles

Raku tiles have a different flavor. The tile manufacturing company invented this tile idea being inspired by the Japanese firing technique. The company has used the vibes of all-natural elements like air, water, earth, and fire to make this tile. You will find around 35 variations in each color of these tiles.

Craquelure Tiles

Craquelure tiles provide a classic look to your bathroom walls. The shape of these tiles is like bricks. Ceramics are used to produce these tiles with a crackled finishing. In a word, these tiles will help you create a vintage and aged look in your bathroom.

Rustic Metro Tiles

Rustic Metro tiles are also known as Victorian Green Metro tiles. As the name suggests, these tiles are mostly greenish and will create a greenly charming and royal look. These tiles contain exuberant color contrasts and a vintage outlook with their beveled edges, making them perfect for your bathroom walls.

Cement Tiles

Now let’s shed light upon the cement tiles. Using cement tiles on bathroom walls means bringing yours outdoors into your indoor spaces. That means cement tiles can give you the natural interior design and a soothing and refreshing vibe.

Wood Effect Split Face Tiles

Have you ever thought about using woods on your bathroom walls? If not, then this would be a new experience for you. Our wood effect split face tiles will give you a wood-like feeling because these tiles are mostly made from recycled wood. The color and texture of these tiles are awesome, and you will love the new look of your bathroom.

Form Tiles

Form tiles will give you a stony effect, and they’ll help make your bathroom walls serene, natural, and ambient. You will get ivory polished from tiles of different colors and designs.

Form ivory matt tiles are also available. When you come to your bathroom after a long tiring day, these tiles on the bathroom walls will give a relaxing feeling.

Largo Tiles

Like cement tiles, largo tiles will also help you create an outdoor natural effect in your bathroom. These tiles are realistic enough and easily get contrasted to your room surface. Because it contains an R10 anti-slip surface-like texture, it will provide you with an actual natural feeling.


So, these are top-class suggestions for you about choosing the best tile for your bathroom walls. Apart from this list, you will find many more tiles in different colors and textures.

Think about what type of feeling or vibes you want in your bathroom and pick one tile for your bathroom walls from the mentioned list.

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