Basics of MOT Test

by Nitin Saini
MOT Test

In the sake of road safety and environmental regulations, UK legislation mandates that all vehicles older than three years undergo an annual safety inspection or MOT. The owner is responsible for renewing the MOT certificate; without it, you cannot lawfully operate your car or renew your road fund license.

The most recent MOT certificate for your vehicle will list the earliest date for a MOT, although you can schedule one up to one month before the expiration of your current MOT without it affecting the vehicle’s yearly expiration date.

When arranging both a Car Service Cheltenham and a MOT for your car, it is actually advised to do the MOT first. Because some of the issues found during a service will also get reported during a MOT, finishing the MOT first can save you time and money.

This does not imply that you should not use the service at all. Even if a car passes its MOT, a service can find additional problems early, allowing you to address them before they develop into something much more expensive later on. Additionally, all of the fundamental maintenance tasks like oil changes, fluid top-offs, and brake inspections are crucial components of a service that aren’t included in the MOT.


The typical MOT examination lasts 45 to 60 minutes. It’s critical to allow yourself an hour to make sure your car is ready for collection


Your car will have failed its MOT if the test results indicate that it has “dangerous” or “serious” issues. And as a result, you might not get permitted to operate the car once more unless you address the problems.

In addition to a test failure, you can receive a list of “minor” or “advisory” issues that you should keep an eye on or address in the future.

When your vehicle fails the MOT, the test center will provide you a paper copy of the “refusal of an MOT test certificate,” which will be actually entered into the MOT database.


Anyone who has an upcoming MOT should be more careful of their car and give it a thorough inspection. By doing so, you can frequently spot any issues before the test begins and receive assistance. Top ten recommendations for passing the MOT test:

Bring your vehicle to a reliable garage.

All of our MOT testing facilities have received DVSA approval. Additionally, we promise never to complete any superfluous tasks.

Plan effectively

If this is the first MOT you’ve ever had for your car or the first one since you changed the registration, don’t forget to bring your logbook (VSC). You don’t need to bring your logbook to any other MOTs.

Verify your lights.

Do not overlook this simple check, it is one of the easiest. Ask a buddy to check your lighting by walking around and turning on all of the lights.

Look at your tyres

The minimum tread depth required by law for a car is 1.6 mm. However, we’ll always suggest changing them at 3 mm. With a 20p coin, you can easily verify the tread depth on each tyre by inserting it into the grooves along the center 3/4 of the tread. Your tyres are in good shape if you can’t see the outer band of the coin.

Check your windshield and wipers, and top off the screen wash.

Water works just great if you don’t have a screen wash! Pay attention to looking for cracks in your windscreen (10mm in the driver’s region or 40mm in the remainder of the windscreen could result in a failure). Additionally, ensure sure your wipers are effectively cleaned. You’ll need to get new ones if they’re torn or have holes in them.

Examine your brakes.

Squeaky, scraping, or tugging pedal? There might be an issue. To learn what it might be, get in touch.

Ensure your license plate is clean.

Got a grimy license plate? It might cause the MOT to fail. All your plates need is a quick wipe-down with a moist cloth to ensure they are clear, clean, and compliant.

Examine your emissions and exhaust.

If your exhaust is noisy, it may be rusty or broken. Diesel engine smoke that is blue or black is likewise undesirable. If unsure, have it examined before testing.

Examine the steering.

A worn steering column may be the cause of strange knocking noises or dragging to one side of the road. The moment has come to bring it in, so do so!

Examine the bodywork.

Even while a little rust might not seem like a major concern, it could get worse and harm structural points, which would make it an MOT Cheltenham fail.

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