Are health insurance and health insurance the same thing?

by Alex Musk

Do you know the differences between health insurance and health insurance?

That the similarity between the two is the provision of medical assistance to beneficiaries, you surely already knew. 

But, calm down: it is common not to know the differences between these two types of services! 

Therefore, in today’s article, we are going to talk about this subject. This will help you choose the one that best suits your needs and that of your whole family! 

Separate the paper and pen to write down the important parts and keep reading!

How does a health plan work? 

The health plan is a service that can be contacted by individuals or companies in order to receive medical and hospital assistance, either privately or for employees

Although free health care is a right guaranteed by the Federal Constitution, the Unified Health System is not able to serve the entire population quickly and effectively. 

Therefore, many individuals and many organizations choose to hire a private service provider to have access to consultations, exams, and surgeries with comfort and safety.

Do the math: you’ll probably realize that it’s worth hiring a health plan! They are faster, more comfortable, and safe calls!

After contracting, the beneficiary has the possibility of being treated at any hospital, clinic, or office that is part of the partner network without paying the amounts established for people who do not have a health plan.

When the beneficiary needs assistance outside the health plan’s network, some operators offer full or partial reimbursement of the amounts paid for the procedures performed. 

Finally, there are also co-payment health plans. They are cheaper than conventional health plans but require patients to pay a percentage for appointments and tests. 

How does health insurance work? 

Unlike the health plan, the average health insurance does not have an affiliated network. It is, in fact, a contract that reimburses users for medical expenses, whether related to consultations, exams, or surgeries.

In this way, the contracting party has the freedom to choose the hospital, clinic, and doctor that meets their needs. 

It is worth mentioning, however, that the refund is not always full. In fact, this return follows a series of guidelines that are often agreed upon during the signing of the contract. 

You must have already taken out life insurance or even car insurance. Health insurance works in a similar way. That is, the customer pays a monthly fee that varies according to the potential risk of costs in medical care.

As a result, older people and patients with chronic illnesses are likely to pay more for health insurance than young, healthy contractors. 

What do they have in common?

It is common to confuse health insurance and health insurance. However, although they are different, both have some similarities!

First of all, the health plan and health insurance have the same objective of providing medical and hospital assistance in the private network for their beneficiaries! 

In addition, there are other similarities such as:

  • The grace period;
  • The inclusion of dependents ;
  • Coverage of various procedures: from consultations to hospitalizations.

More important than knowing the similarities between health insurance and health insurance knows the differences between the two types of contracts. Curious? We will talk more about that below!

What are the main differences between health insurance and health insurance?

The first difference between a health plan and health insurance is that while the plan offers services within a predetermined network, the insurance allows the insured to choose the professionals and institutions of their choice.

In health insurance, the client can choose the hospital of his choice since it does not offer affiliated networks.

In addition, the amount paid by the beneficiary of a health plan guarantees all services provided in the contract at no additional cost

In health insurance, the insured must pay for the services and then request reimbursement.

Another difference is in the price. Generally speaking, health insurance is usually cheaper. Prices vary according to the refund rate agreed in the contract. 

Which is the better option: a health plan or health insurance?

Each of the services has advantages and disadvantages. Thus, it is important to assess which one meets your needs and those of your dependents.

While health insurance offers security and portability options, for example, health insurance offers great value for money and greater flexibility

Through the coverage modules, health insurance allows the construction of a contract adapted to the needs and illnesses of the user. 

Note: the most important thing is not to be unprotected. That way, regardless of the format of the agreement, keep in mind that this choice is synonymous with care for you and your family! 

Therefore, when taking out insurance or a health plan, check the operator’s reputation, the grace periods, and the extent of coverage. 

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