All You Want To Know About The Farm Combine

The farm combine also known as the combine harvester is a very handy piece of equipment used in the farm to help farmers harvest their crops easily. Harvesting operations are labor-intensive and time-consuming and farmers are highly stressed during the harvesting season. The invention of the combine harvester turned out to be a boon for farmers. The harvester has made the difficult work of harvesting easy and time saving.

What is the combine?

The farm combine is machinery that is used to harvest crops. It is a farming machine that can be driven through the field to harvest crops. It has a number of parts that work together to carry out three processes of harvesting – reaping, winnowing, and threshing. All these processes are done automatically by the harvester that helps in mechanizing the harvesting process. The farmer can drive the equipment through the field completing the harvesting easily.

Why use the combine?

The benefits of using the farm combine are multi-fold. These benefits are why farmers across the world are investing in a combine. The benefits include:

• The combine harvester can be driven through the field and the front header pulls in the crop and does the reaping. The crop then is threshed using the threshing drum to separate the stalk. Winnowing is done and the chaff and waste are removed from the back of the combine. The harvested grain is then stored in a grain tank.

• The harvester saves a lot of time and money for the farmers. It saves on labor expense, makes harvesting easier and more convenient. This is the biggest reason to use the combine for harvesting.

• A combine can be used to harvest any kind of crop. This is highly beneficial for farmers who can plant different crops on their farms.

• The harvester ensures enhanced productivity. A better crop yield is ensured thanks to the harvester.

• Apart from the increased yield, the quality of the grain is of a higher quality. This ensures the crop can fetch a higher price for farmers.

• The savings in time and money coupled with the increased quality and quantity can help the farmer be more profitable.

Evolution of the combine

The first farm combine was patented in 1835. It was a very basic model. Gradually, more improvements were added to this. In 1911, the first self-propelled combine was invented. This made harvesting easier and brought in many benefits for farmers. In the 1920s, top companies like Case Corporation and John Deere Company created a combine that worked like a tractor. This revolutionized the harvesting operation. From then on, many innovations have been added leading the modern combine harvester.

Buying the combine

Now that you have understood everything about the farm combine, you would have planned to buy one for your farm. Look for a combine offered by one of the top companies. Once you buy the combine, you can buy accessories like a concave system to make the harvester work more efficiently. The investment you make will definitely yield great returns.

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