All You Want To Know About Combine Settings

by Estes Concaves
Combine Adjustment

The combine is one of the most useful pieces of equipment used in farming. It is used during the harvesting process to make the entire operation more effective. One of the key benefits of using combine harvesters is that the same combine concave used in the harvester can be used to harvest multiple crops. This is helpful for the farmer who need not buy different parts for different crops. Just by changing combine settings, the combine can be used to harvest different crops. All the information you need to know about these settings is presented in this article.

Using Settings For the Combine Concave

When using the combine harvester, making combine adjustments or changes in settings can help use the combine in different ways. The functionality and performance of the combine can be enhanced by making changes in settings as described below.

  1. Using the combine to harvest multiple crops is possible by making settings changes where changes need to be made in the revolutions per minute (rpm) for the fan speed. This change helps in using the same combine concave to harvest different crops. If the fan speed is set to 750 to 900 revolutions per minute, then you can harvest oats. To harvest rye, the speed needs to be changed to 350 to 450 rpm. For harvesting maize, the fan speed settings should be 900 to 1200 rpm.
  2. Rotor loss is one of the common problems faced by farmers when they use the combine. Overloading of the rotor is the main reason for this problem that can lead to serious losses for the farmer. By making changes in the combine setting, it is possible to reduce rotor loss.
  3. Of the various adjustments that need to be made in the combine, one of the important ones is the ground speed. The ground speed is where the flow of the crop into the header is regulated. This needs to be varied depending on the type of crop and other conditions. Making the right settings ensures optimum crop flow while harvesting. This ensures better productivity.
  4. Clearance or ground clearance is another key setting. Clearance has an important role to play in the harvesting process. If the clearance set is less, then it can lead to damage to the grains at the time of reaping. This leads to loss in quality. In case, the clearance is set at a high level, then the crop doesn’t go through properly. It leads to loss of crop leading to productivity loss. The right setting as per the manual helps in ensuring quality and productivity.
  5. To improve grain quality, changes need to be made in the chafer settings.
  6. All settings are explained in the user manual of the combine concave. These need to be strictly followed while making any changes. Pre-harvesting checks ensure the right settings are used to get the best results.

Making combine adjustments can help in enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of the combine harvester. This is a major benefit, which ensures farmers can get the best results from their combine.

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