AI Solutions – Benefits for Mobile App Development

by FutureAnalytica
AI solutions

The numerous benefits of mobile apps for businesses have been well-established in the past few years. Better conversions, stronger brand image, and increased customer engagement are among the most common benefits that attract most businesses to this concept. How can AI or artificial intelligence influence mobile app development?. 

Transformational Aspects Offered by AI Solutions in mobile app development 

  1. Right content at the crux of it all 

Before the app development begins you would need an outline of the content that should go in. For the best insights to frame your content strategy, AI solutions come in handy. Data processing becomes faster and smarter with sophisticated machine learning algorithms. There are numerous customer data analytics tools that can be used to understand what customers are searching for and the kind of content that would add value to them. Apps that rely heavily on content consumption like some popular OTT apps across the globe have shown how content strategies can be modified and customers can be offered a fully personalized experience with the use of AI solutions. 

  1. A more user-friendly search interface 

All the data you own might be of no use if your users are not able to access the right information at the right time without a complicated workaround. Developing mobile apps with an AI platform at the base means that you improve the search interface of the app. Whether the customer would like to search for particular products in different languages or use voice to search or even quickly capture an image to search something they need, machine learning makes everything possible. When customers easily find what they want, they are more likely to actually purchase it. And this also means that the mobile app is developed with capabilities for seamless integration into popular smart assistant ecosystems. Searches directed from other sources like a customer asking his smart virtual assistant like Alexa or Siri to look for the best mobile phones on sale will be directed to your app. 

  1. Automated replies drastically reduce TAT 

The turn around time for customer response is one parameter that most businesses strongly focus on. Automated replies make it possible to achieve a drastic reduction in TAT while also maintaining the quality of the response or resolution provided. Sometimes these are automated responses to gather customer feedback about a recent transaction and sometimes it is about items they left in their cart without placing an order. Automation of replies with artificial intelligence means you identify and address any issues customers face while placing the order and make the sale happen without glitches. AI makes it possible to create mobile apps with intuitive automated replies that sound more human-like.

  1. Accuracy in code testing 

Before launching the app at the marketplace, your pilot run should be successful. Simulation of actual user response would be possible with AI solutions that process historic data and probably some real time data based on interactions between similar apps and customers. Testing phase of mobile app development becomes more efficient with the integration of an AI platform

  1. Take care of redundancies without burnout 

Repeated tasks take a lot of time in mobile app development. If valuable resources are held up in carrying out monotonous tasks that can otherwise be automated, you will be missing out on potential opportunities. This is why robotic process automation can be useful in mobile app development teams. This involves smart automation that reduces human efforts and takes care of efficient and accurate execution of repetitive tasks. 

  1. Sell the right kind of products to the right kind of customers 

For apps that do not directly involve selling physical or digital merchandise, the mobile app realm can still function as a source of revenue. In-app purchases and app subscriptions are some of the most popular choices when it comes to monetizing a mobile app. For businesses looking to improve the ROI in their mobile app development sector, AI solutions make it possible to identify the most productive revenue streams. This occurs by tapping into the potential demand and selling relevant products to customers. It can also boost the mobile app marketing strategies for better reach and increased downloads. 

  1. Continuous data capture 

One main reason why several businesses rely on mobile apps more than mobile-friendly websites is that they are able to capture more data for a personalized user experience. Unlike websites that the customers have to access from the web browsers, mobile apps are always there. Some of them have access to resourceful information like customer location for example. Businesses looking to offer smart solutions like notifying customers about any running sale the moment they are close to the store will find integration of AI into mobile app development to be beneficial. 

In short, if you are looking to create a mobile app that actually boosts your revenue and creates a strong brand image in a competitive segment, AI solutions will prove to be beneficial. As a business there is a lot to gain from this approach and for the customers, AI in mobile app development means a personalized experience. 

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