AI Chatbot And Their Implications For The Travel Industry

by saahilkhan
chatbot in travel

A chatbot or an AI chatbot works out to be a software solution that is powered by AI technology. It has the ability to understand and respond to human interactions. Normally a chatbot in travel is designed to replicate on how they interact with a real person. In the travel industry their deployment takes place in the form of customer care representatives. They act as a first source of contact with the customers and provide intelligent answers to the questions of customers. Not only the technology works through text based communication but even speech and voice based interactions.

How travel industry is bound to benefit from AI chatbots

In the travel industry companies of all forms are bound to benefit from AI enabled chatbot services. More so when it relates to the hotel , airline or the restaurant industry as they may capitalize on the improvements to ensure that the booking process is faster along with a sturdy customer response time. Let us now figure out on how chatbot in travel can contribute to noteworthy results

Customer support all around the clock

A major challenge confronting the business in modern times is the high expectations of the customers. Hence a major benefit of AI chat bot is services all around the clock. In fact they are able to cope up with common questions as this works out to be the case all through the day. When you compare it to an employee they would be needing rest and would not be paid a salary.

Direct bookings are encouraged

Price comparison and OTA websites in the domain of the travel industry enable you to reach a wider group of people. But such sort of bookings might require you to be paying a commission , hence direct booking is an option. The best part about an AI chatbot is that it fosters direct bookings. Not only this form of technology is available on the website it is an integral feature of social media campaigns.

Up- selling and cross- selling

Both these concepts have a role to play so as to optimize revenue once you are in the travel industry. During chat conversations an AI chat bot can encourage cross – selling and up- selling as the presentation of the messages occurs in a natural way. In fact it is at a point where it is going to appeal to the users.

Specific recommendations

Machine learning and AI indicates that it is possible for a chat bot to be retaining individual information about an user. It is during the conversations that takes place and you can use the chat for further assistance. What it does is that the chat bot might ask a series of follow up questions, asking for references and finally providing suggestions on the same. It might during the booking processor it can be related to a travel experience. Based on the series of these recommendations you can ensure an enjoyable experience during the course of your trips.

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