A Step-by-Step Guideline on How to Move QuickBooks Desktop to a New Computer

by Mark Williams
Move QuickBooks Desktop to a New Computer

QuickBooks is renowned accounting software that is preferred by many. A user can access both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. Sometimes, due to issues like corrupted systems or performance issues, a user might require to change its computer system and so its QuickBooks Desktop. However, to transfer your QB Desktop account, you need to follow certain steps so that none of your essential info goes missing or deleted. Have a look at this detailed blog and perform the steps as mentioned to learn How to Move QuickBooks Desktop to a New Computer.

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Important Points to Keep in Mind Before Performing the Below Mentioned Procedures-

You must ensure that while moving the QB account, you do not miss out on any of the guidelines. Even a minor mistake can lead to the deletion or misplace of crucial files. Go through the following points-

  • You have to be the Company Admin if using the migrator tool.
  • You must set strong passwords for the account and services if planning to apply the tool.
  • Whichever three company files were used recently, the tool will copy only those company files to the USB flash drive.

Now, move on to the next section of this blog to learn the process of moving your QB Desktop from one computer to another.

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Two Procedure to Transfer your QB to a New System

Are you planning to move your QuickBooks Desktop account to a new computer but do not know how? There are two ways through which you can do it- first, by using a tool known as migrator, and second, by doing it manually. Check out the following steps to learn the process-

SOLUTION 1: Make Use of the Migrator Tool to Transfer your QuickBooks Desktop

  • On your USB flash drive, click twice on the ‘Move_QuickBooks.bat’ file to run the migrator tool. It is required as the Windows security restrictions would not allow the tool to open automatically.
  • Now, enter the required password and click on the ‘Let’s go’ option.
  • Next, the tool will perform its task.
  • Once done, your QuickBooks Desktop will successfully get transferred to the new system.
  • Even though the application has been moved to the new computer, it is necessary to provide a few more details.
  • You are required to log into the Intuit Data Protect and configure the backup schedule.
  • Next, you must also log into the payroll and payment services.
  • At last, back up your company file as well.

SOLUTION 2: Transfer your QuickBooks Account Manually

  • If you are performing the process of moving your QuickBooks to another computer, make sure to note down your QB Product details and License number.
  • Remove the QuickBooks Desktop software from your existing computer system.
  • Go to the new computer and download the QuickBooks installation files.
  • Finally, install the application.

After reading out this article, we suppose you must have understood the entire process of how to move QuickBooks Desktop to a New Computer. However, if you miss out on any step and cannot figure what which step, we suggest you immediately have a conversation with our team of certified experts through Toll-Free 1.800.579.0391.

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