A guide on starting a Manufacture Business for merchandise/clothes in India

by Ishita Ramani

Setting up a manufacturing business for merchandise/ clothes is quite complex, but it is one of the exciting experiences. With the on-time delivery, and competitive prices it will help businesses in growing and expanding. This blog will help you with the necessary requirements to set up a Manufacture Business for merchandise/clothes in India and the documents requirements for starting a Manufacture Business.


What is a Manufacture Business?

Manufacturing is defined as the process of converting raw material into a finished product. Human labor, machines, and chemicals are employed in this process to convert a raw material or semi-finished product into a finished product that may be sold to the end-user.

Different types of business structure that can be registered as a Manufacture Business

If a Foreign company wants to Set-Up its business in India, then a Foreign company needs to Set-up its business as an Indian Subsidiary. However, the answer for How to start a business in India will remain the same.

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