A Detailed Process About How to Reset QuickBooks Password

by Mark Williams
Reset QuickBooks Password

Forgetting your crucial online passwords is quite common, and there is nothing to get worried about. Although some passwords are hard to recover, when it comes to QuickBooks Desktop, the password is easy to set up. Through this detailed blog, learn the entire procedure of how to reset QuickBooks password. So, the next time you are unable to log in to your QB account due to a forgotten or incorrect password, take reference from this article. In addition, make sure you give it a read until the end.

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Important Point to Remember Before Recovering the Password in QuickBooks

If you jump onto a higher version of your QuickBooks Desktop 2020, you must make sure to change the password in the earlier version first and then shift to the newer version.

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Procedure to Recover QuickBooks Password for Both the Admin and User?

Have a look at this part of the article to gather info on the method of resetting your QB password. Ensure to follow each step precisely-

SOLUTION 1: Check Out the Following Solution If You Want to Reset the Admin Password

NOTE: The below-mentioned steps are only for the QuickBooks 2020 version.

The first thing you need to do is edit the admin password the moment you log in by using the password only.

  1. Start the QuickBooks Desktop and move to the Company Login window.
  2. Click on the ‘I forgot my password’ option.
  3. Now, on the drop-down menu, choose an email, and after that, hit the ‘Next’ button. A token will be emailed to your account to set up your password.
  4. Gather the token from the email and enter it.
  5. If you cannot search your email from the drop-down menu, tap on the ‘Don’t see your email in the list above?’ option and proceed with the instructions prompted on the screen.

Go to the next troubleshooting method to change the user password.

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SOLUTION 2: Check Out the Following Solution If You Want to Reset the User Password

If you are a user, firstly, you are required to connect with your admin to perform the following steps-

  1. Go to your QuickBooks Desktop and make sure you log in as an administrator.
  2. Tap on the ‘Company’ tab and click ‘Set up Users and Passwords’.
  3. After that hit ‘Set Up Users’ and, if asked, give the admin password.
  4. Next, ‘User List’ will be displayed from where you must choose the user that requires editing the password.
  5. Click ‘Edit User’ and then make a new password.
  6. In the end, double-click on the ‘Next’ button and then tap ‘Finish’.

We hope after going through this blog, you must have understood how to reset QuickBooks password. If, in any case, you are unable to do so, or need any further assistance with this, do not hesitate to get in touch with our technical support team at Toll-Free 1.855.738.2891.

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