A CBSE school in Abu Dhabi: Indian Styled Education in the UAE

by Daniel Leo

There are over 60 international schools in Abu Dhabi broken down into 34 British schools, 20 American schools, and 10 IB schools. Only a few of them are ones that have boards catering to children across countries. For instance, you will not find a CBSE school that is also an IB school quite easily.

With so many schools to choose from in Abu Dhabi, finalizing the right one can be a lot of work. Another factor that causes a hindrance is that many schools won’t have seats available immediately so it’s sensible to start your search early on. Even if schools are to their brim at any point, people come and go from the UAE quite regularly. This makes the chances of seats becoming available during the school year much higher than one might be inclined to think.

Education in Abu Dhabi is checked on by the Abu Dhabi Education Council that lists down all the major registered schools regardless of whether it is an International Indian school or a school with its origins in the UK.

How is Abu Dhabi such a hotspot for so many schools?

The UAE has transformed itself over the last three decades into one of the most connected countries for global business and intellectual traffic. It is strategically present between the economic powerhouses of Europe and Asia and is invested heavily to make it a great spot to do business with superior infrastructure and incredibly low tax rates.

These reasons woo ex-pats and they eventually move to Abu Dhabi to settle down and start a business. Even if not for a new business, they can also be employees of major organizations. These families need an education that is both high in quality and has some relation with the education back in their origin countries.

A prime example of such a school is the international Indian school, Global Indian International School, Abu Dhabi or GIIS. This is one unique school that has both the IB board and the CBSE school board from India. This development took place because of the high number of Indians settling down in the UAE. This extended the idea of Indian education in a few more schools as well.

In fact, when it comes to languages spoken, Abu Dhabi schools offer numerous languages because of the simple fact that there is a strong concentration of students from different places.

Because of this, you will find ex-pats especially from India showing up in every other international Indian school!

Two major benefits of International Indian  CBSE School in Abu Dhabi

  1. Comprehensive Syllabus of Indian CBSE Schools

CBSE schools in Abu Dhabi have pre-defined syllabi and deliver the subject matter in a concise manner. The difference between CBSE and other boards is that a CBSE board develops a child holistically. This is done through assignments and projects for the child.

The focal point of these schools lies in making the child highly efficient in the basics of Science and Maths so that it can be used across situations. It is due to this that the CBSE board has gained more prominence in today’s world.

  1. An Edge over the other Boards

CBSE schools follow student-appropriate learning methodologies as compared to the other boards. The course structure delivers the lessons intuitively. All topics of the subjects are updated and curated for the students to get the most of their academic life in the least amount of time.

Owing to all the above aspects, an Indian styled education in the UAE is very much common and possible. If you are a parent looking to move to Abu Dhabi, then you will not have any major issues when you are looking for International Indian schools here..

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