A Book Review on “Nights at the Zoo” by Mark Huddleston

by andrew paul

릴게임: A Book Review is a book review of the book by Kevin Dunn. In this book review, I’ll talk about what this novel had to offer, its unique perspective on world events, what it lacked, and where it could go for improvement. This is my personal opinion, so don’t read this as an unbiased account of the book, but as my own personal assessment. After all, I’m not an expert on all things sea-related so don’t think that my review is comprehensive. But I will be assessing the book from the perspective of an avid fan of the written word who appreciates works of fiction with a certain degree of depth and interpretation.

Sea Story is the first novel I’ve read by Kevin Dunn. In this book, Dunn does a remarkable job of creating a character that you care about while at the same time making the reader care about the main character. It is the rare combination of a love story and a sea adventure yarn that I have found to be very appealing. It’s certainly different from the sea fantasy that I’ve enjoyed in the past, but still very much a part of the larger genre.

The storyline is set off by the grounding of a large ship on a beach. Several people are walking along the beach when they suddenly see a body washed up on the sand, pale and lifeless. One of the walking men notices an urn nearby that has been crushed in such a way that its contents have leaked out onto the sand. Within the urn, a woman’s headstone is missing, along with her necklace and other personal items. A local fisherman spots two men walking along the beach and retrieves a body of watermesh from a nearby creek.

Suddenly, the men realize they’re not just walking on the beach, but they’ve stumbled upon a crime scene! Police Detective Chief Inspector Richard Bateau and his partner Detective Sergeant Tommy Clough investigate the scene, checking out the remains of the woman inside and examining the sea bed where the woman had been tossed back into the sea. Unfortunately, the woman’s skull has been crushed in such a way that it is difficult to tell whether or not she was hit by some sort of boat or simply dropped into the water. Also, her jewelry has been swept away. Is this the work of a serial killer? Or is there more to the story?

The action picks up shortly after these events, as Tommy Clough meets up with Harry Gerspach who also happens to be a former junior detective, now working as an investigator on another case. Tommy wants Harry to work on his current case, which is linked to the death of a woman who disappeared while swimming off the coast of Deal, Cornwall. Harry decides to risk his own life to help Tommy find the killer and bring this woman home. Will these two solve the case before they even get started, or will they actually find more to the sea story before they wrap up their investigation? I won’t give it away, but this is a very fast-moving book with lots of tension.

Mark Huddleston does a good job of re-creating the rural seaside town of Deal and giving it a real feel and sense of place. He captured the quiet and little towns folk as they would have lived there, with little else to do and little time to waste on television. This book should make the readers hunger for more Sea Story books in the future.

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